Wake up with Butter Coffee (I’m serious)

I know, I know, butter coffee doesn’t sound very appealing….
I was laying in bed while Jenson was napping beside me one Saturday late morning, scrolling through my facebook feed when I saw a post about Bulletproof Coffee.  I read the article in the link and decided that it sounded gross, but I just had to try it because I was intrigued.  Salty, creamy, slightly sweet coffee sounded pretty good to me..but butter and coconut oil?  But I’m calling it butter coffee because I call a spade a spade (or a club because I get those mixed up sometimes).  I don’t think that butter is bad for you, and I think that coconut oil is good for you, so I can’t see the harm in having one cup of this a day.  Good fats (natural fats) are good.  It’s supposed to keep you fuller in the morning longer too, which is something that is appealing to me, because I get hungry early, but if I eat my breakfast too early, I need a second breakfast (if I actually work out at lunch).  And other times I’m too lazy to eat something early, but I’m hungry, so I just go hungry until I can’t wait any longer.  (pausing while I go get my breakfast because writing that sentence made me realize how hungry I am).

So that morning, I blended my large cup of coffee with a tablespoon-ish of butter and a tablespoon of coconut oil and it looked creamy and tasty.  I hesitantly took a sip and was surprised – it WAS salty, creamy, and slightly sweet!  I was really excited and wanted Lo to try it.  I don’t remember where he was or what he was doing, but I was disappointed he couldn’t try it right away.  Instead I made him a cup when he came into the kitchen – without telling him what I was doing because I assumed he wouldn’t be too thrilled with having butter and coconut oil added to his coffee (he doesn’t really like coconut).  He’s used to me sneaking things into food though, so when I handed it to him, hovered around, and told him to try it, he knew something was up.  He took a sip and asked what it was and I exclaimed (I really did exclaim) “BUTTER COFFEE!” “DO YOU LIKE IT?! {insert weird big smile}!)”.  I told him about it (not in all caps) and he said it was pretty good, but he wasn’t speaking in exclamations or all caps like I was – he probably still just thought it was weird.  He didn’t drink it very fast, and I’m not sure if he even finished it, but I know I asked him several times “did you like it?”.  I don’t know why I did that…it’s not like I needed his validation for some amazing new recipe that I created all by myself – or needed his approval to keep drinking it.  I think he just said “yeah, it was good” each time, instead of telling me to stop asking.  This article claims it will give you “one of the best mornings of your life”, so maybe I was just high on butter coffee?

butter coffee bulletproof coffee

I drew you the picture (above) so you could see how excited I was, and how normal Loren and Jenson looked while I was excited about it.  Drawing with a mouse is hard, but it wouldn’t have looked that much better if I drew it in pencil because I draw like a talentless 2nd grader.  I thought I was being sarcastic with that statement, so I drew it with a pen and I’m not sure which one actually is better.

butter coffee

I do know that I have a spatial issue, because I started drawing this assuming it would be centered in the post-it note, and it couldn’t be further from the center.  (I also cannot cut cake, if you remember)  I’m going to blame it on the fact that I’ve had eye surgery twice, and while I know that can’t be blamed, the fact that I needed it twice shows how crappy my eyes are.  Maybe they just aren’t connected to my brain correctly.

Butter coffee is paleo-friendly, though I don’t follow a Paleo diet, I see the benefit in it and follow a lot of Paleo blogs because they are also gluten-free (which I DO follow).  Obviously butter coffee has lots of fat (and thus calories), but I don’t think calories are the issue.  I can’t bring myself to ever count calories, and I feel like if you are mostly eating good, unprocessed food (veggies, protein, limited grain), you probably don’t need to count calories to lose weight.  I love cheese and sugar, so I don’t really know if this is true, but I suspect it is.  I’m sure it’s much better for you than 50% of the starbucks drinks – or adding any sugar to your coffee.  Sugar is probably pretty close to the devil, in terms of food and health…though I do love it so – and eat WAY more than I should.  But I don’t like sugar in my coffee and mostly don’t like milk in it either.  Surprisingly so, I actually DO like butter and coconut oil in my coffee!  I was definitely fuller longer too – I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast, but it was the same amount I’d normally eat, and I was actually too full for part of the day.  Next time I have this, I’ll plan to not eat for a couple of hours.

There’s no “real” recipe for this, but this is what I did:

Butter Coffee
Large cup of hot coffee
1 T. unsalted butter (grassfed is best) some people use 2 T.
1 T. coconut oil

Put butter and oil in blender, add hot coffee.  Blend until frothy.  Always be careful when blending hot liquids and carefully open the lid.  I used the big blender rather than my single-serve bullet thing because it seemed safer and less chance that hot steam would blow the lid.

butter coffee

That said, it’s much more work to blend up your coffee in the morning rather than grab the travel cup that your husband poured and set out for you, so I haven’t had it since that first day.  I know you still think it’s gross and that you’d never try it…but aren’t you just curious?

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