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Zoolights, Success!

Zoolights, Success!

We’ve planned to go to Zoolights at the Columbus Zoo for weeks with our friends.  We picked four different days and each day there was a weather issue…rain, rain, high wind, and then heavy snow.  Finally yesterday the weather cooperated and it was just going to be cold.  We can handle cold…

We met at our friends’ house to exchange Christmas gifts.  As usual, they gave such thoughtful and wonderful gifts.  They even got Boof some gifts (treats and a dog cover for our backseat because she sheds like crazy).  She was kind enough to share her treats with her boys.dog treatsWe dropped Boof off back home and headed to the Zoolights.  We only had about an hour and 15 minutes before the Zoo closed, but that was long enough because it was cold and most of the animal are sleeping in the evening anyway.

It was nice to see that the reindeer made it back from the North Pole okay after Christmas.

reindeer zoolightsZoolights are always so pretty!zoolights watermarkWe took pictures with this lion because he was cute and there were hardly any other animals.

ck zoolightsval lo zoolights

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