36 weeks: Pregnancy 2

36 weeks: Pregnancy 2

I haven’t been great about documenting this pregnancy.  Meaning, I haven’t.  I’ve taken pictures about 5 times, and have a pregnancy journal with 4x more blank pages than written on.  This is compared to my pregnancy with Jenson…where I took a picture every single week…even purchasing the appropriate size fruit or veggie that coincided with the baby’s size.  I wrote weekly blog posts talking about each symptom and detail, etc., whereas this time it’s been about 2 posts?  I suppose that’s how it goes with many 2nd pregnancies.  And being at home with a toddler gives me even less time to do stuff like that – doesn’t seem to make sense, but trust me.  With a 2nd pregnancy, things aren’t new and surprising this time around too, so it’s just like…oh yeah.

We still don’t know the gender of the baby – no idea, but I guess I still lean towards boy.  You also wouldn’t know that a baby was going to show up at any moment if you looked at our house.  Other than a basket of clothing that I’ve finally washed and haven’t put away and some of the baby stuff that Misty sent back to us, there’s no sign.  However, Lo just primered the nursery space tonight, so after another coat, we’ll be able to paint and figure out where everything else is going to go.  Again, poor kid…Jenson had a full nursery ready, with hand-painted birch trees on the wall, refinished furniture, etc.  To be honest, it’s no biggie…the baby will be in our room for at least 2 months probably because our room is all the way downstairs and through the house from the nursery.  As as adorable as Jenson’s room was, we barely spent any time in there other than in the middle of the night.

As a comparison…Jenson’s nursery before he was born (before I hung art/pictures)

nursery nursery crib and case nursery closet

Annnddd…new baby nursery (just imagine the primer that Lo added today – which honestly makes it look 50% better already).  But still, lol….

nursery nursery

We haven’t quite decided when we are going to switch Jenson to his twin bed yet either, so we don’t know when his crib will be available or if we need to borrow one for a bit.  Again, it’s irrelevant for the first month or two, but we will have to make a decision at some point.  Regardless, the plan for the room is navy and gray, with accents depending on the gender of the baby.

Back to the pregnancy, my last update was at 20 weeks when I was halfway through, so doing another almost “at term” makes sense, right?  Of course, now I’m 37.5 weeks, so even closer.

Week 36: November 27 – December 3

Baby size: Umm…I don’t really know.  Probably some sort of melon.

Maternity Clothes:  Obviously all maternity clothes except yoga pants, sweats, and Lo’s shirts…and considering I don’t leave the house a ton anymore, that’s what I wear most of the time anyway.  It’s so weird how little wear I get out of my maternity clothes now that I don’t work and we don’t have a social life since we have a toddler and live far away from everyone.

Here’s a comparison from last pregnancy…so yeah, my stomach is definitely bigger this time (1st pic is 1st pregnancy).  Luckily my weight is less than 10 lbs more, which is better than I expected. This picture is a little misleading thougg because my stomach looks pointy, but in reality, it’s kind of oddly rectangular at my belly button.  I thought it was but couldn’t really tell, and Lo confirmed.  It’s just where/how the baby is sitting right now.  SpongeVal Squarebelly.

Boof hasn’t changed much.  Seriously, it looks like I cut and pasted her in the 2nd picture.  Jenson would only consent to being in a couple of pictures…

baby 36 weeks

Sleep: I usually only have to get up once in the night, but I go to bed pretty late, so that’s probably why.  I have to switch sides every hour or two, but I barely wake for that.

Symptoms:  I really feel ok “most” of the time, but get heartburn everyday and have to take Zantac regularly now. There have been a couple of days where I was just miserable with heartburn and could barely eat.  I don’t get around as well anymore…getting up and down from the floor, walking up a hill or steps – those things are more difficult, but not usually until evening.  My belly it itchy and it usually feels like the baby is trying to escape through my belly button because he or she is pushing out so hard.

Workouts:  Ha, ha, ha.  None of that happening.

Good moments of the week:  Major progress is done on the nursery (ready to prime/paint), and we got some stuff done around the house.  We got to visit with both families over Thanksgiving weekend.

Food cravings:  Nothing usually sounds very good to me anymore….just whatever.  Sometimes pizza sounds great, sometimes sandwiches…but I think it’s mostly for convenience.

What I miss: Sleeping through the night, the waistband of my underwear not rolling down, and being able to get up off the floor easily.

What I’m looking forward to:  A baby!  I really want the baby to be a little early – before Christmas would be great!  The doctor thinks that early is a strong possibility since I was early with Jenson.  Fingers crossed.  But even if that doesn’t happen, I’m looking forward to the rest of the Christmas season.  We are celebrating with Lo’s family the weekend before, and will be at home for Christmas so that I’m not too far from the hospital.  It’ll be low-key, but it should still be fun with Jenson now that he understand it a little more this year.  We have a few fun things planned for before Christmas too (some of these have already happened).

Milestones: Again, it’s weird because nothing really feels like a “milestone” this time around.  I guess we are more settled on names we like.  Though if you ask Jenson, he’d say he wants a brother named “Sister Baby”.  I guess a milestone is that we recognize that the baby could be early this time (whereas last time we were told he’d be late), so we have some stuff kind of packed for the hospital.


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