PB Oat Balls, or Boobie Balls

I can’t believe I haven’t posted my recipe for Boobie Balls yet, considering I’ve sent it to everyone I know who is lactating, may be within the next year, or just likes snacks.  See, I call these Boobie Balls, but they aren’t going to make anyone lactate, 

Wake up with Butter Coffee (I’m serious)

I know, I know, butter coffee doesn’t sound very appealing…. I was laying in bed while Jenson was napping beside me one Saturday late morning, scrolling through my facebook feed when I saw a post about Bulletproof Coffee.  I read the article in the link 

Banana and Yogurt Drops

Jenson is eating three meals a day now, and we’ve pretty much stuck with a form of baby led weaning.  Mostly, we don’t make or buy purees.  We give him manageable bits of soft food on his tray and he mostly feeds himself, or give 

Gluten-free Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cake

This cake recipe is long overdue.  Okay, it’s only been just over a month since I made it, but it’s so good, I should have posted it the next day.  I wanted to make a gluten-free cake to celebrate our friend’s birthday, so I told 

Gluten-free Chicken Avocado Spinach Burgers

I found myself with spinach and avocado in the fridge, and some ground chicken in the freezer and remembered seeing a pin about chicken and avocado burgers, so I pulled the chicken to thaw overnight.  This recipe is really customizable because the burgers take on 

Red Gold All-in-One Lasagna

In honor of the Red Gold “Simply Fun, Simply You” Lasagna Party Sweepstakes on its Facebook page, Red Gold sent me an “All-In-One” gift pack of tomatoes, lasagna noodles, and a spatula to show me how easy it is to make lasagna using dry noodles 

Sweet and Spicy Squash

I wanted to post this before Thanksgiving because it makes a fab Thanksgiving side dish (as a matter of fact, I made it again for that – but didn’t take pictures).  As usual of late, things don’t get done when I think they will.  But 

Grilled Carrots with Carrot Greens Pesto

Grilled Carrots with Carrot Greens Pesto

If this picture looks familiar, it’s because I just posted it when I posted the Braised Potatoes recipe.  Someone commented on the carrots, so I thought I should get that recipe posted soon and this is the only picture that I took of the meal.  

Slow Cooker BBQ Potato Soup

Slow Cooker BBQ Potato Soup

I had a bag of yukon gold potatoes that had been hanging out since before Jenson was born that I needed to use up before they sprouted their own babies.  Potato soup seemed like the easiest way to use up the whole bag and would 

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip PB Oatmeal Skillet Cookie

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip PB Oatmeal Skillet Cookie

I always end up with too many extra cans of sweetened condensed milk in my pantry that are close to, or just past, their expiration date.  I don’t even know how I end up with multiple extras cans…I don’t bake with it often, so I