Chebe Sandwich Buns

Chebe Sandwich Buns

Chebe is one of our favorite brands of gluten free pizza crust, but I hadn’t tried any of their other products, even though I’ve had the all-purpose mix hanging out in pantry.  The recipe on the box is for sandwich buns.  I finally decided to make them, so I asked Lo to make them.  See how that works?  He actually agreed and got to it.  I seasoned some burgers with a tasty meat rub that my sister got for us for Christmas and we cooked them in the cast iron grill pan while some tots were cooking in the oven.  chebe

Lo actually forgot about the buns in the oven when friends stopped over for a few minutes, but they were still really, really good.  The outside was a little hard because of the over-cooking, but the inside was soft and cushy, just like your buns should be (ha, ha).  These weren’t dry, like some gluten-free buns can be and they ones I didn’t use right away froze really well.  I know because I already ate them.  It’s such a luxury to be able to eat something on a bun – I’m so used to having to go sans bun.

The mix makes 4 large buns, but there are ALL kinds of recipes you can make with the mix on the Chebe site.  Seriosuly – tons of stuff.

I’ve bought these mixes online through a site that is no longer in business, but you can buy 8 boxes of Chebe All-Purpose  Mix on Amazon for for $23.34 (price subject to change).  I also recently saw them at Giant Eagle (on Powell Rd, if you’re local), in case you want to start by purchasing one package.  They had a weird gluten-free aisle that was kind of with the seasonal stuff away from the other groceries, but they had tons of great stuff so I can’t complain too much.  Plus, that store is horribly organized anyway, so I can’t be surprised.  Totally worth it for the fuel perks though…

Have you had any luck with other bread or buns mixes or recipes?


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