Cracker, please?

Cracker, please?

Jenson is obsessed with crackers now.  He doesn’t discriminate…saltines, goldfish, oyster…any cracker will do when he gets a hankering, which is most of the day.  One of the first things he says when we gets up, or when he gets home from somewhere, or when he walks near the kitchen is “cracker?”.  He walks over to the pantry and tries to open it to get some crackers.  He could be demanding worse things, and he only eats a couple of goldfish or small pieces (you can break a saltine into like 10 pieces), so we often will give him a little.

Cracker time.  Boof really likes crackers too, poor girl.

crackers   cracker

Always pointing for some crackers or apples…


So he was snacking on some mini goldfish this morning before I left for work and I busted him trying to stick a goldfish in my cleavage.  I got it out and went about my way.  I went to the bathroom at work later that morning, and when I stepped away from the sink, I stepped on something crunchy, which is weird in a non-public bathroom.  It was a goldfish.  While I busted him with one of the goldfish in my shirt, apparently there was another that fell out when I untucked my shirt.  Jenson: 1, Mom: 0.

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