Facing Fears: Bumblebee and Bouncy House

Facing Fears: Bumblebee and Bouncy House

The weekend before Christmas, we were invited to a birthday party for Jenson’s friend Jaxon.  Jaxon is 2 years older than Jenson, and Jenson loves being around him and his bestie Emmy.  It was a small party with a big surprise for the birthday boy – Bumblebee from Transformers showed up!

Jenson wasn’t sure about him, but he warmed up to him by the end a little more.

bumblebee bumblebee bumblebee

He’s also never been a fan of bounce houses, especially if other kids were in there.  But after holding Lo’s hands over the side and jumping for a bit and then going down the slide a few times, he was sold.  The other kids let him play on his own for a bit so he could get used to it, but within no time he was happy to be in there with them and doing what they were doing (or so he thought).

bounce house bounce house bounce house

When we left, he said what he says every time we leave somewhere fun…”come back again?”

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