Fantastic Costco Finds: Cake and cheese

Fantastic Costco Finds: Cake and cheese

We went to Costco because we were running low on chocolate chips a bunch of stuff.  We tend to go about once about every other month and buy specific items each time (plus an online order here and there), but I love cruising through the store to find new things to try.  Costco has a lot of gluten-free options, so I keep my eyes peeled.  And I’ve bought a shocking amount of clothing from there….from work attire when I was working, to yoga pants and shoes.

This time I only found 1 item in the clothing department, a pair of casual/active capris.  They aren’t fitted and are a stretchy nylon-type material, so they’ll be perfect for wearing around the house and for errands.  I think they were like $17…can’t beat the prices on clothing there.  Everything I’ve bought has held up really well too, but if not, you can return things at any time without a receipt.  As an example of the pricing there, Hunter rainboots (which everyone down here goes crazy over to wear as normal shoes – no thanks!) – are over $100 at other stores, but Costco usually has them for $75.  Same with Tom’s (- yes, please -) which are $50 otherwise, but usually $35 there. They aren’t always available and usually only have one or two colors, but still great deals.

Back to the real story…cake and cheese.  As we were strolling through the store, I pointed out gluten-free pound cake and told Lo to grab one when he came by with the cart – I think the package was around $8, and I didn’t even realize there were two cakes in it until we got home.  I didn’t have high expectations for it, but my parents were coming, so I thought we could eat it that weekend.  It was a pack of 2, so I told my mom she should take the other one home because I didn’t think it would be that great anyway.  We cut into it that night and it was AMAZING.  Seriously.  It was like a slightly denser angel food cake with excellent flavor.  Even Lo loved it – he said he wanted to eat it for every meal.  We almost told my mom she couldn’t have the other one.  Just kidding – but I fully intended to go back the next week to get another more before they were gone.  When I did go back, I text Lo and asked him how many I should buy (knowing I was also getting one for my mom and for my friend), and he replied after I’d left the store (with 5 packs) and said “buy all of the cakes”.  Somehow we’ve resisted eating any so far.

crumb cake

Cheese.  I love cheese.  We never leave Costco without buying cheese, usually sliced and shredded.  As I was going down the snack aisle, I noticed these Whisps.

whisps whisps

They are just Parmesan cheese – that’s it.  They were $9.99-ish, so not a cheap snack, but it’s a decent size bag and it’s what I would consider a healthy snack…because, cheese.  My friends used to make an appetizer with Parm cheese cups (made of just parmesan, like these), so I was hoping these were similar tasting, except crunchy.  I opened these the next day and they were so good!  Crispy, salty bits of goodness with lots of protein.  Lo tried them that weekend and agreed that they were addicting – almost too salty, but not.  Needless to say, when I went back, I bought 2 more bags.  They better keep carrying these – I need them!  And please don’t judge that this salad has cheese (whisps) on top of (feta) cheese.  And I swear there were like 3 cups of spinach in that bowl, even though it looks like it’s all cheese!


The crumb cakes are probably going to be discontinued, as things come and go at Costco.  I think they were a special item for Passover – I’m ok with that because, seriously, how many cakes should I eat?  But the Whisps…these need to stick around.

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