Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade BzzCampaign

Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade BzzCampaign

I was very happy to join the Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade BzzCampaign because I LOVE coffee!  I love the smell of it and I love the taste of it, black please!  Once you go black….haha….just kidding.  But really, it’s true for coffee.  Lo used to load his coffee with sugar and creamer, but after we started dating he slowly backed off on drinking his coffee like a dessert and now he drinks it black only.

I’m not someone who needs coffee – I drink it because I love it.  I’m completely capable of skipping coffee in the morning, but I usually drink one travel-size mug throughout the morning.  I like being able to function without coffee because sometimes it’s just not convenient right away – AND if I someday become pregnant, the last thing I want to do is fight morning sickness and coffee withdrawal at the same time.  I don’t like my coffee very hot and have to leave it sit for 3-5 minutes uncovered before I’ll drink it because I despise burning my mouth.  My coffee routine consists of taking my coffee in a travel mug to work and once I get settled in at my desk, I pour my first cup into a mug.  After a few minutes, it’s ready to drink!  I noticed the reflection of the downtown buildings in my mug the first morning I brought in Green Mountain Coffee and had to take a picture.

We have some normal brands of coffee that we’ve been buying at Costco when they are on sale, and I’ll occasionally order 100% Hawaiian coffee varieties because we LOVE everything Hawaiian.  Now that we’ve tried the Green Mountain Coffee, we’ll definitely be adding this to our repertoire.  The coffee samples that I got were House Blend and aside from our 100% Hawaiian coffee, this is our next favorite coffee – and it’s actually affordable to drink more than just on occasion like our Hawaiian beans.

I love that it’s Fair Trade Certified because supporting fair trade helps farmers and their communities have a better quality of life, much the same as buying local does for your own community.  Obviously we can’t buy locally-grown coffee, so Fair Trade Certified is the next best thing.  I often buy fair trade jewelry and gifts from a few local stores because I believe in supporting the merchants who make the items.  Want to learn more about fair trade?  Check out the Grace Potter and Michael Franti Fair Trade source trips to Colombia and Sumatra and check out the live stream of their concerts via the Green Mountain Coffee® Facebook page.

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