Grilled Cheesy Over Easy

Grilled Cheesy Over Easy

grilled cheesy angle
A few weeks ago when we didn’t have any plans for dinner, we decided on grilled cheese (which has been our fallback lately).  We’ve been trying to keep a loaf of gluten-free bread in the fridge or freezer so I can have toast or grilled cheese when it sounds good.  Lo asked if I wanted anything else in my grilled cheese and I decided that an overeasy egg inside of my grilled cheese sounded amazing.  The yolk breaks when you bite into it (or squish it a little) and then you can sop up the yolk with the grilled cheese.  Grilled Cheesy Overeasy.  Brilliant.

I never remember the difference between a sunny side up or over easy egg, but upon looking at wikipedia, over easy means it’s flipped and cooked on both sides, and sunny side up means it’s only cooked on the bottom side (and sometimes the white isn’t as fully set.  You can do it either way, butI don’t like runny whites.  I just tell Lo I want my eggs yolky and he knows what that means and has gotten pretty good at making them over easy.grilled cheesy open

The best way we could figure out to do it was to grill the grilled cheese open-faced, meaning butter the outside, top each unbuttered side with a slice of cheese, and cook the butter sides in the skillet side by side.  Cook the egg over easy in another skillet, and when the egg is done, place on slice of bread of the plate, gently place the egg on top, and place the other slice of bread on top – only when you are ready to eat it.  The top may break the yolk right away, and you don’t want it to get soggy before you’re ready to eat. grilled cheesy

This sandwich was simply awesome.  I pretty much only want grilled cheese this way now.  Unless I’m eating it with soup and want to dip it.  After writing about this and seeing the pictures again, I totally regret having a salad for dinner instead of this grilled cheese.  I think I know what I’m having tomorrow…grilled cheesy over easy

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