Happy Birthday Husband!

Today is Lo’s birthday!  He’s 34 and it’s his last birthday before becoming a dad to a human (I didn’t want to leave out Boof because she’s kind of a big deal and she loves her dad because he walks her more).  We don’t usually go crazy with birthdays, so when I asked him what he wanted to do, all he came up with was “sushi” – which is exactly what we did for his birthday last year.  Fine with me!  I’m not sure what we’re getting into during the day – brunch maybe?- but we’ll go to our favorite sushi place, Tanuki, with our friends that night.  They bring out a creepy mask head for birthday people to wear while they drum and sing around them.

tanuki birthday

His favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting, so I’ll use the gluten-free Better Batter Yellow Cake mix again – because it’s AMAZING!  I used to think yellow with chocolate was super-boring, but this cake mix was crazy good last year, so I’m not mad.  Plus he pretty much deserves whatever damn cake he wants for having to do everything for months while I was “down with the sickness” (who is that…Disturbed?) and while I was starring in my own reality show called “Extreme Napping” during my first trimester.

Last year’s cake.  I know.  I’m an amazing decorator, lol.

 better batter cake

Happy Birthday Love – I hope this is the best year so far – it totally should be starting in October!

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