Highs and Lows: February Friday

Highs and Lows: February Friday

We had quite an adventurous day on Friday, with plenty of highs and lows.  I’m glad its the weekend now though, because the highs are more fun when Lo is home to enjoy them, and the lows are easier when I have help!

HIGH: Marlowe only woke to eat once the whole night – she slept approximately 7 hours before she woke, and then back to sleep after nursing for 5 minutes.  Jenson woke too early as usual, but he played and talked in his bed for an hour until is was a reasonable time.

HIGH: Jenson peed on the potty again today. He’s been going almost once a day for about a week and we are so proud of him.  We aren’t pushing him and just ask him every now and then if he wants to go.  Every time he tries, he goes a little bit within a few minutes.

HIGH: I wore a pair of jeans today with a button and zipper!  Hardly any of my regular clothes really fit yet, so I’ve been wearing maternity jeans and yoga pants still.  I remembered I had a pair of jeans a friend gave me that were too big for her, so I tried them and they fit!  They’ll definitely get me through until my other ones fit…hopefully in another two weeks or so.

HIGH: We made it out of the house to go to story time at the coffee shop downtown!  It’s a program through the library, so Jenson knew the songs and the librarian and did so well.  Since the program was only 30 minutes, we got drinks and sat at a table – iced tea for me, milk for Jenson.  Marlowe slept most of the time, and was quietly awake when she wasn’t sleeping.

jenson coffee shop jenson coffee shop

jenson coffee shop

LOWEST: Lunchtime – this is a long one.  Jenson was looking pretty sleepy once I put him in his chair for lunch, so I was hopeful that he’d just fall asleep at lunch like he has most days this week.  It makes it easier for his nap – I can just carry him up and lay him down, instead of reading 3 books and singing 3 songs, and hoping Marlowe stays asleep or having to juggle her for this too.  I wore Marlowe in the Baby K’tan since she was awake, but she fell asleep pretty quickly.  He ate his sandwich and a carrot & applesauce pouch.  I gave him a piece of cheese, but he decided he didn’t want it, so he handed it to me and I ate it – no problem.  I gave him a tortilla chip and he licked it and said he didn’t like it, so he gave it to me and I ate it – no problem.  (notice the foreshadowing)  I gave him a pretzel and he said he didn’t like pretzels, so he handed it to me and I ate it.  He freaked the F out.  Immediate tears.  “I want it, I want it – mommy no!”  Screaming and crying.  I tried to give him another one, but he wanted the one I ate, and only that one. I offered him other things, yogurt, fruit, crackers, but he just kept crying hysterically.  I asked if he wanted up…NOOOOO!  So I just tried to wait it out.  It became clear that he was about to throw up because he wouldn’t stop crying and gagging.  Luckily, the pocket bib caught the first round.  I took the bib off of him and wiped his mouth, and took Marlowe out of the wrap and put her in the swing so I could deal with him.  He kept crying and gagging, and threw up more before I could get him out of the chair.  Luckily most of it was caught on his tray and the pile of paper towels I shoved in his lap.  I took him out of the chair and changed his clothes, and he was suddenly fine.  I was mad because he was crying for no reason and threw up because of it, and I felt bad because he knew I was mad and he’s 2 and can’t control his emotions sometimes.  When he thinks I’m mad or sad (even if I’m not), he gets really sweet and wants to read a book or brings something to me to play with to see how I’ll respond.  So I hugged him and read him a few books before we went upstairs for his nap.  The three of us went upstairs to read 3 books and sing 3 songs for his nap.  He whined/cried a bit when I put him in the crib, but by the time I got downstairs, he stopped.  And then he fell asleep sitting up in his crib just as I pulled up the video to see if he was sleeping.

jenson sleeping jenson sleeping jenson sleeping

HIGH: Marlowe was dozing, so I took her to our room and laid her in the rock-n-play and laid down on the bed.  I just wanted Marlowe to let me sleep for 5 minutes, and it was a solid 20!  Even then she was just stirring, so I put her pacifier back in and lay back down and dozed for a bit longer.  Once she was more awake, I fed her and tried to clean up a few things around the bedroom.

LOW: I laid Marlowe down on the bed and she spit up all over her shoulder.  I changed her clothes, burped her again and carried her around for a bit, laid her back down and she spit up again all over her shirt.  So I changed her again.  So between her and Jenson, that’s 5 outfit changes for the day, and it was only about 2 p.m.

LOW: Around 4 p.m., Jenson woke up and was grumpy.  I held him for a few minutes, but Marlowe started fussing in the swing, so I got up to settle her.  He was crying because he wanted me to hold him.  I put her on the playmat and sat beside her to read him some books.  After a minute, she started crying and wouldn’t stop.  I held her and tried to read the book while he sat on my lap.  She wasn’t settling because she was hungry, so I started to feed her, and then he was crying because he wanted to sit on my lap and read.  It was a real struggle for a bit.


HIGH: To get him to stop crying, I asked him if he wanted to go outside – it was about 55 degrees, but there was still snow on the ground, so I thought it would be fun.  I got us all dressed, put Marlowe in the carrier, and we headed out.  We walked around in the snow for a bit and then I pulled him all over the yard.  I made a little circle track on this little hill in the side yard and it was the perfect height/speed for him.  I pulled him around and around until Lo got home, and then he took over.  It was so nice to just get outside for a bit and get to play in the snow while it was so warm outside.

sledding sledding

sledding sledding

HIGH: We decided to go to BW3’s for dinner and both kids were really well behaved while we were there.  It was nice to not have to deal with dinner and to all get out of the house together.

HIGH: Jenson went to bed relatively easy, so that’s a win.  I was holding Marlowe as she was starting to doze right before we got her ready for bed, and she woke up and smiled and coo’ed and laughed a few times.  It was adorable and awesome, and a good ending high for the day.

Even though the day got a little rough at times in the middle of the day, we still had a really good day overall.  It was nice to start and end the day with a bunch of highs.  If I didn’t have to do so much laundry after they went to bed, I almost could forget how much vomit and spit up I had to clean up today!



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