I just don’t get it.

Here are some things lately that have me saying, I just don’t get it.

Pigeon-toed stance (toes turned in) when people get their pictures taken – I just don’t get it.  It’s a pose that’s been around forever, but celebrities have been doing it constantly for the last two years (I don’t remember them always standing like that), but now I’m constantly seeing on blogs too.  I assume it’s because people think it makes them look thinner in some way?  Is it the new duckface or hand of hip stance?  At least it’s not as bad as when people stand with their legs completely crossed and it looks like they have to pee or they are in the middle of stumbling.  I was very pigeon-toed when I was a toddler – I seriously had to wear metal braces on my legs when I was at home.  My right foot is straight now, but my left foot still turns in – actually it’s turns in from the hip.  I just think it makes people look awkward – as much as I’d love to say that I looked stylish all of those years, it’s just not the case.  See, I owned pigeon-footed-ness.I just don't get itYou’re welcome.  Stop laughing.  Don’t ask me why there is trash all over the edge of the field. The little Rebels played on Saturdays and I assume this was the morning after a home varsity game – and our janitor had a fake hip and just rode around on a tractor.

Everyone’s obsession with Ryan Gosling.  I think he’s kind of gross.  I would have vomited if he was picked to play Christian Grey, like so many wanted.  His acting in Drive just pissed me off – he was obviously channeling James Dean and it disgusted me because he’s no James Dean (fortunately for him, that probably means he’ll live past age 30.  I also only like Tatum Channing when he’s dancing with his shirt off – though I’m impressed with his acting in some of his lesser known movies that we’ve seen.  Lastly, the entire cast of Twilight makes me gag – they give me the heebie jeebies.

(Side note large paragraph): My parents had a stray cat that lived on the porch for years who we named Sheebie Jeebie because she gave us the heebie jeebies but then we found out she was a girl.  She only had one eye and the eye-less side was always a little goopy and she’d rub against the porch window with her face and it would leave slime marks (gag).  My parents take great care of strays – they take them to the vets to get fixed for other issues and feed them well, plus there are barns on the property so they can keep warm.  They have really gotten soft with the latest stray, Callie Cat, who I call CatFace, so they even give her warm milk in the evening when it’s cold and let her into the basement to sleep at night.  She literally sleeps on the furnace.  Now that none of us live at home, my parents name the pets and they have no originality.  Coco, for their brown dog, and CallieCat for their Calico cat.  Seriously.  Sometimes my dad even calls Coco “Brown Dog” or “Chocolate Drop”, so even his nicknames are “creative”.)

When people post about being mad about Pinterest because it makes them feel inadequate compared to things other people do or how much better some people do things.  Some people also don’t have lives and have more time to do those things – or they are just really good at that particular project.  And you can’t see where they dropped the ball elsewhere in their life – maybe they haven’t brushed their hair in 6 days or there’s catpee all over their house or they don’t have any friends.  For everything that someone does awesomely, there’s probably something that they are terrible at that you rock.  Everyone is different.  If you don’t want to stencil your walls, bake a 12 layer cake, or do 100 pullups, don’t pin those items.  Just ignore them.  A little jealousy is okay, but for it to cause you anxiety is not.

Boof won’t run anymore when I walk her.  We need to start training her better so she doesn’t have to sniff EVERYTHING.

I love magazines, but I can’t keep up with them!  I have huge stacks and I swore I was going to try to keep up better, but I’m failing and it’s annoying.  Maybe I should put the computer down and pick up a magazine.  I was reading in the car on the way to/from work (obviously I don’t drive), but I stopped doing that in lieu of reading blogs.  I think it’s time I cut out some blogs that just are relevant to me anymore – ones that I started reading when I first started reading blogs.  Either way, I need to try to get through this damn pile!  I just don’t get it!

What don’t you get lately?

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