Jenson update: 17 months

Jenson update: 17 months

We had lots going on this month…more on that later…but I didn’t get to do the standard weekly posts.  I think it’s time to back off from the long weekly posts with a million pictures, and just do the monthly posts, along with any separate fun events.  Jenson has changed so much this month – he’s such a little boy now and is just amazing.  He constantly amazing us with new things that he does and how verbally advanced he is.  Some of the highlights of the month are that Jenson got to meet his twin baby cousins (though big sis Sadie was the highlight for him of course, visited my family up north, and we took a quick trip to the zoo.  Since he’s no longer nursing, we could start bringing him into our bed if he wakes too early, but luckily he finally started sleeping later towards the end of the month and will usually sleep until 6 or so (better than 4 or 5).  The big news for the month is that he stayed overnight with Lo’s parents 3 times in one week and he did great!  He stayed 2 nights in a row while our sitter was on vacation (so we didn’t need to take the whole week off work), and then again that Friday while Lo and I went to see Elton John in Cincinnati and stayed in the city.  He loves wearing shoes now, and if he sees them, he wants us to put them on him.  In addition to counting to 10, he can also say most of his ABC’s, some of the words to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and Baa Baa Black Sheep.  When we sing the ABC song and say “next time won’t you sing with me”, he always says “Yeah!”  So cute.  He was kind of sick all month – nothing major, just a really snotty nose, a cough for about a week, and a fever for a day.  He’s so obsessed with Lo now – he still calls up both “daddy”, but daddy-daddy is his favorite over mommy-daddy usually.

family rocks with gramma reading with gannon zoo IMG_6991 sadie luke levi and jenson

Monthly Jenson update:  February 7 – March 6, 2015

Age:  17 month old

Weight:  22 lbs when we took him to the Dr. on Feb 16.  He was pulling at his ears a little, so we took him to the Dr. since we were off work, but he was fine – no ear infection.


Length:  30ish inches

Size:  His 12 month clothes are starting to get small, so we are rotating his 18 month clothing and pulling out that stuff that’s getting too small.  When I do a load of laundry, I just pull out the 12 month stuff and pack them away.

Hair and Eyes: His hair is growing super fast!  It’s time for another haircut already.  I don’t know why I didn’t expect this to be a regular thing.  I better learn how to cut hair – it’s gonna get expensive!

Teeth:  He has 4 top front teeth, 2 top molars, and just the 2 bottom teeth.  I swear it looked like 2 more bottom teeth were coming in last month, but they never appeared.

Sleeping: Sleeps through the night well.  He wakes and cries out through the night, and moves all over the crib, but settles himself. He goes to sleep around 715-730 p.m. and wakes between 545 and 630 a.m.  By the end of the month, he stopped trying to nurse, so we are able to bring him in the bed in the morning when he wakes early.  I can also put him to bed again – which I couldn’t do when he was still trying to nurse.  He usually just takes one good nap in the afternoon, unless he wakes extra early and wants a morning nap.

sleeping IMG_7052 IMG_6971

Eating: He so picky…meals can be rough.  He only wants carbs, fruit, hummus, and dairy usually, so it’s tough to get a well-rounded meal in him.  He doesn’t like meat or veggie by themselves at all.  I make smoothies to put in refillable pouches with yogurt, fruit, flax, and spinach or kale to get some of those nutrients in him.  He doesn’t love milk, but drinks a few ounces a day, especially when Braxton is drinking milk.  He eats enough dairy with yogurt and cheese that the Dr. isn’t worried about it.

feeding boof with spoon eating eating eating

Movement: He’s all over the place now, and has even starts “running” a little. He loves dancing and clapping anytime he hears music.  He loves to place “chase” with us – when we chase him he starts cracking up until we get to him.   He’s learned to manage the stairs pretty well.  We still stay right behind him, but he knows to go down them backwards – same with getting off of the couch.  He likes sorting and stacking things too – he laid these books out in a line, and then went through and stacked them back up

IMG_6931IMG_6934  DSC_1027 DSC_0044

Word Up:  Dada and daddy, Mama, Boof, Nana, Yeah!, Pappap, Papaw, all of his colors, toothbrush, ball, blue, duck, cheeseburger, tickle, sock, doggy, Max, jumpy and bouncy, Sadie, bye bye, night night, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, get it, thank you, please, more.  Get down (to boof), his numbers up to 10, a lot of animal sounds, no, uh-oh, uppa (up), cracker, pizza, apple, nana (for banana), baby.  As mentioned above, most of his abc’s, and some words to twinkle twinkle, baa baa black sheet.  I’m sure there’s a bunch that I’m missing because it’s so hard to keep up.


  • climbing stairs
  • ABC’s
  • Singing songs
  • overnights with nana and papaw
  • sleeping well

Favorite Toys/Activities:

  • Bathtime
  • Wearing hats and shoes.  He will often wear his winter hats around the house
  • Books!  Especially books with flaps.
  • Clapping and dancing
  • Loves kisses and being tickled
  • Looking at himself in the mirror
  • Playing with Braxton
  • Playing in “his” plastic container cabinet in the kitchen
  • Looking at pictures and videos of himself on our phones – especially ones with Papaw in them.
  • Playing with his wagon and grocery cart, and balls and blocks
  • The “Friends” theme song – he’ll come running if he hears it
  • Sledding (the snow got a little deep for Boof though)



  • Not getting his way (like every kid), but he’ll really show a “temper” now, which entails laying on the floor and fake crying (usually fake)
  • Getting his diaper changed when he has something better to do.
  • Meat and veggies
  • Being sick (of course)


Looking forward to:

  • Spring weather and playing outside
  • Major changes coming our way (to be announced)

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