Jenson update: 19 months

Jenson update: 19 months

I quit my job, we packed up our house, and moved!  We are still getting adjusted to the house and me being home with Jenson all day.  It’s amazing, but it turns out, I don’t get much done during the day with him.  I’m not terribly surprised…he’s a little more clingy than usual, but I think that’s just him trying to get adjusted to all of the changes.

He loves the yard and going outside – he asked to go out all of the time.  He loves picking up rocks (and sometimes licking them) and sticks in the yard and dropping them through the fence and “helping” Lo in the yard.

licking rocks

IMG_7627 ravine

DSC_0774 DSC_0891

Both sets of our parents came to visit and see the new house, so he loved those visits.  We went to the Zoo, and checked out storytime at the library…and there’s so much more to explore.

gramma nana papaw library

My mom bought him a bucket and garden tools and some other things for Easter (including a wind up peep called “quack quack”, a small stuffed cat “kitkat”, and a rubber ducky wearing a football helmet and holding a football that he calls “basketball”), and he loves playing with them still.  If he see quack quack, he has to find basketball (the duck).  Those two always go together.  Kitkat doesn’t always get to play.  He carries them around in the bucket a lot.

bucket bucket

Monthly Jenson update:  April 6 – May 6, 2015 (an entire month ago)

Age:  19 month old

Weight:  23 lbs at his 18 month appt, but I’d guess closer to 24-25 now.

Length:  31ish inches

Size:  18 month clothing

Hair and Eyes: Hair is growing so fast.  It seemed much lighter after his last haircut.  It may go slightly more blonde.  It definitely has a golden sheen to it now.

Teeth:  He has 4 top front teeth, 4 molars, and 3 bottom front teeth, with the fourth finally starting to poke through.

Sleeping:  He goes to sleep around 8 p.m. and wakes between around 7 – 7:30 a.m.  The first few nights in our new house were a little rough, and his wake time was all over the place, but we are managing.  He usually takes one good nap after lunch for 1.5 – 2.5 hours.  Occasionally he falls asleep in his highchair if lunch is a little late.

sleeping in highchair

Eating:  He’s still picky about veggies and meat, but we do what we can do with trying to sneak those in here and there.  He loves carbs, fruit, beans, hummus, and dairy.  We give him pouches sometimes to get veggies in him, but it’s a struggle otherwise.

Movement: He’s runs around and climbs on things like crazy now. He loves dancing and clapping anytime he hears music.  He loves to place “chase” with us – when we chase him he starts cracking up until we get to him.  He wouldn’t do well in a scary movie though, because when I start chasing him, he gets so excited that he turns around and runs towards me.  He’s good on the stairs and is trying to step up using his feet sometimes instead of crawling on his knees, but that makes him a little less stable.  If he comes across even 1 small step down into a different room, he goes down backwards.
IMG_7839 IMG_7804

Word Up:  He repeats almost everything that we say, and talks and sings constantly.  He counts to 10, says his ABC’s, and sings several songs (Twinkle, twinkle…baa baa black sheep, etc).  He says “I love you” a lot, which is awesome.  Anytime I buckle him in his seat in the car, I kiss him and say “I love you”, and he says it back.  Sometimes he keeps saying it as we are driving, so I just repeat him over and over.  Lots of times he’ll say “yeah” after it when we are in the car, so he’ll say,  “I love you, yeah” and waits for me to say it back.  He’s pretty good with Hi and Bye appropriately, and will say “hi” when we walk into his room in the morning.  He says several 3 word sentences like “I see doggie” (which was actually a squirrel), and one of his favorite things to say is “here ya go”.  He’ll bring a piece of lint to me and say “here ya go”, or take a toy to Boof and say “here ya go Boof”.  For a week or two, he would say “here ya go Boof”, no matter who he was talking to.  He also calls the deer that he sees at our house “puppies”.  When we sneeze, he’ll say “bless you”, or “ah-choo”.


  • New house
  • Home with me since I quit my job
  • Started telling us when he has pooped (usually just if we ask).  Sometimes yes is actually no, but he’s usually right.
  • He got a potty chair (hasn’t used it, but likes sitting on it).

Favorite Toys/Activities:

  • Being chased
  • Bathtime – he insists on one after dinner every night.
  • Going outside – sometimes he asks to go outside before breakfast now.  One day while I was brushing my teeth in the morning, he gathered his hat, coat, and shoes and was saying “outside?” when I walked in the kitchen.
  • Wearing hats and shoes.  If you ask him if he wants to go outside, he says “hat, shoes, hat, hat, coat” or some string of those words while he runs to gather those things.  Even on the days where the weather was mild and he didn’t need a hat, he wanted to wear one, so we just give him a sunhat even if it’s cloudy.  It took him a few days before we convinced him he didn’t need a coat once it warmed up.
    DSC_0977 (2) DSC_0856 hats
  • Books and apparently Kurt Cobain
  • Clapping, dancing, and singing
  • Loves kisses.  He kisses his stuffed animals and his reflection in the oven door.  We get lots of kisses too.
  • Looking at pictures and videos of himself on our phones – especially ones with Papaw in them.  He’ll say “vidies?” when he wants to watch videos.
  • Listening to a cd of kids’ songs.  The first song on the cd is “Wheels on the Bus”, so he’ll say “bus, bus?” when he wants to listen to it…which is most of the time, so I try to limit it to just during or after lunch for my own sanity.
  • Picking and smelling flowers
    flowers flowers


  • Not getting his way
  • Meat and veggies
  • When I wash dishes.  He fusses so bad when I try to wash dishes after breakfast or lunch – he wants me to hold him a lot.  I think it was just getting used to the new house because it got better as the month went on.  But there were days of this….

Looking forward to:

  • Getting into a routine with our new life.
  • Getting settled in the house and unpacking…in like a year or two.  It’s okay, Jenson likes the boxes.


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