October Julep Maven Review

I skipped the Julep Maven box for August and September, but I forgot to skip my October box too, once I got the email preview.  The colors weren’t bad, but I wasn’t dying for them.
Julep is a boutique nail salon that offers a monthly subscription box for $19.99.  When you sign up, you take a style quiz and are assigned a style which will coordinate with the different box options.  Although you are given a style, you can choose which box you receive if you don’t like the colors of that style.  You can also cancel at any time or skip a month or two if you or your wallet needs a break.  A week before the box ships, you’ll get an email showing you the colors you’ll receive according to your style.  You’ll have about 3-4 days to log on to cancel, skip, or choose a different box.  You can also add on a polish or gloss to your box for just $4.99.  The retail price of the polish is $14.
October “It Girl” Box
  • Leslie, black shimmer- I like this color because it has shimmer and it’s just a flat black.
  • Caroline, dark red shimmer – This goes on much darker than I expected, but it looked really good.  I wore it on my nails and it lasted for 10 days with only 2 coats and a topcoat.  I meant to put the crackle on top, but I lost it before I could. (?).
  • Glenda, silver crackle – I put this over top of Caroline on my toes and it looked pretty cool.  Considering it’s pretty much Ohio State colors, it was perfect and lasted over 2 weeks without touchups.  I was going to put it on my nails over Caroline at my friends house, but somewhere between our house and there’s, it went missing, even though it was with the Caroline.  It still hasn’t turned up, which is really bizarre because it was a period of like 30 minutes and our dining room to our car to their dining room.  Hopefully I find it somewhere.
  • BONUS! Orange and Black Glitter Pots  – For Halloween I had hoped to put these over the purple I have on my nails (put on for a wedding), but I didn’t get to it.

I really like Julep polish because I think it lasts longer than drugstore polish and OPI.  This picture is one coat of Caroline without a top coat after 5 days, and it still looked decent.  I added another coat and a topcoat and wore it for 5 more days before I wanted to change the color for a wedding.  Considering that I type for 8-10 hours a day, play volleyball, work out, cook, and other various activities that are hard on my nails, I think that’s pretty fan-freaking-tastic.

I think I skipped November because it was suedes and I really don’t need them, but I can’t really remember for sure.

If you’re interested in trying Julep Maven, please feel free to use my referral code!  I’m under no obligation to review or purchase these polishes…I just like them.

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