Lo’s Birthday & the Best Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix

Lo’s Birthday & the Best Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix

As with most of my posts with pictures, this one is WAY overdue – well, 19 days anyway.  Lo had a birthday this month and we took the day off because he hates working on his birthday – plus it fell on a Friday, so it’s an even better reason.  We’d only been in our house for a few weeks at that point and it was nice to just relax all day, as we’d been out of town every weekend since we’d moved in.  We went to brunch and then just hung out at the house, finally watching some tv.  It was a rainy day, or else we’d probably have gone to the zoo.  Lo loves the zoo and now we only live a few miles from it – I definitely see a membership in our future.

I had ordered a gluten-free yellow cake mix just for his birthday because requested cake is always yellow cake with chocolate frosting, which I’m always surprised about.  I’ve offered him all kinds of flavors of cakes, including Red Velvet, which was one of his favorites until I told him that it’s only red because they add red food coloring (I still feel bad about ruining the illusion of something special for him), but he always wants the yellow/chocolate option.

I didn’t have high expectations about this gluten-free cake mix, but I made it anyway.  I probably could have done a better job decorating it too, but it’s not too bad considering I decorated it using a ziploc bag and leftover white frosting that we had in the fridge from who knows what.  Oh, and I write like a 4 year old, so it can’t get much better than that.

We had plans to go to dinner with our friends and he picked Tanuke Sushi, which was also a surprise because while he likes it, I assumed he’d want mexican or something more hardy.  And since we were there for our friend’s birthday, he should have known this was coming….

They make you wear a creepy mask on your birthday while they beat a drum and sing some sort of birthday song. And then you “have” to do a Sake Bomb.

After a delicious meal of sushi, we went back to our house for cake!  Again…no high expectations…but….it was AMAZING!  Seriously – so good!  And it wasn’t just us two celiacs who loved it (and who probably forget how “real” cake tastes) – the guys thought it was the best cake too!  It was so moist and so flavorful.  I’m not a huge yellow cake fan because it’s usually a little dry, but I loved this! Better Batter Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix is the bomb. I think I ordered mine from Vitacost, but you can get it a lot of places.

It’s seriously THAT good.  I suspect Kelley is still thinking about it, she loved it so much. And I’m totally happy to make yellow cake every year for his birthday if it tastes like this!

What’s your favorite flavor of cake?

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