Menu Monday: Butternut Squash

It’s Menu Monday again.  I’m terrible at menu planning because I have no idea what our evenings will bring, so it’s easy to post our meals after the fact.

This was supposed to be posted on Monday, but I posted something else…and then something else.  I’m still posting it because it was almost ready.  I’m sure no one cares whether it was posted on Monday or not.  Besides, I have nothing to report for my usual Friday “Weekly Workout” post…yoga was cancelled on Tuesday, so I just did elliptical, and haven’t done other workouts because of lunch plans, extreme tiredness from only being able to sleep for an hour at a time, and being massively pregnant.  I went pretty strong through 36 weeks, so I don’t feel bad about it.

Two different meals featured butternut squash and two meals were versions of mac and cheese (only one that I made).

Lunch:  Leftover GF flyers pizza
Dinner:  Butternut squash mac and cheese.  I’ll post the recipe sometime.  It was good, but I should have been more heavy-handed with the seasonings like I usually am.

butternut mac and cheese

Lunch:  Butternut squash mac and cheese
Dinner:  Butternut squash mac and cheese (I think…we can’t think of what else we would have had).

Lunch:  I don’t remember what I had.  Probably whatever was leftover from dinner the night before.
Dinner:  Yabo’s Tacos with friends.  We actually met friends other than Chuck and Kelley here this time, but Chuck and Kelley also happened to be there.  We all have a bit of a Yabo’s problem, I think.

Lunch:  My co-workers hosted a baby shower for us and had all gluten-free food: turkey white chili, gf mac and cheese, salad, giant meatball, hummus and veggies, chips and salsa, and lots of tasty sweets.  I ate way too much.
Dinner:   2-3 bites of beef stew.  I was SO full from the lunch still and couldn’t eat anything else.

Lunch:  Gf mac and cheese and white turkey chili leftover from the work baby shower.
Dinner:  Red Robin before going to see Rush at the movies.  I had a guacamole and bacon burger with fries (they have excellent gluten-free buns).

Lunch:  Leftover hashbrown egg bake.  I probably had something later because we didn’t eat dinner until 830ish, but I don’t remember what else other than a piece of cheese.
Dinner:  Homemade grilled pizzas.  Mine was gluten-free butternut squash, balsamic onions, ricotta, and 3 cheese pizza, and Lo had regular pepperoni pizza.

butternut squash pizza

Lunch:  Eggs, bacon, and a piece of toast (late breakfast)
Dinner:  Leftover homemade pizza, and then popcorn at our friends’ house

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