Menu Monday: Chicken Salad and BBQ Week

menu mondayI’m linking up for Menu Monday again, so these were our meals from the last week.  We went to Costco last Friday, so I was stocked up on salad stuff.  They have the best (and cheapest) organic spinach and lettuce.  This time I got the spinach and some butter lettuce because I had it at our friend’s house and it is so good.  We cooked from frozen chicken in the crockpot and had lots of chicken salads starting on Sunday.  We got a little less virtuous as the week went on, but we use grass fed, very lean beef, so burgers aren’t bad.  The end of the week was mostly BBQ food leftover from Friday night when Lo’s family came for a cookout.  I also made paleo banana muffins that were amazing, so I had one or two of those a day.  I usually have yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast, and Lo eats 1/2 of his lunch for breakfast.  For lunch we usually have dinner leftovers, salads, or soup.

paleo gf muffins

Monday:  Chicken Salad with spinach, butter lettuce, shredded chicken, avocado, red peppers, carrots, cheese, and “55″ or “Double Nickel Dressing” (for both dinner and lunch)

menu monday

Tuesday:  Burgers (I made a gluten free wonder bun for mine), Waffle Fries, and Asparagus.  We had an enormously long asparagus that came up in the garden so Lo cooked that one on the grill and I roasted the rest in the oven.  Half of the homegrown one was the tough inedible part, so it wasn’t as long as it looked.

long asparagus with me

burger meal tuesday

We had Chicken Salad with spinach, butter lettuce, shredded chicken, avocado, red peppers, carrots, cheese, and “55″ or “Double Nickel Dressing” (for lunch)

Wednesday:  Grilled Cheesy Overeasy for me.  Lo had volleyball and probably had pizza.

grilled cheesy

Thursday:  Pizza from Buckeye Smoothie Cafe.  I had heard that they had gluten-free pizzas, so I emailed and confirmed.  We were right near there in Powell grocery shopping and had no plan for dinner (and wanted to watch the NFL draft and Jackets hockey game in 20 minutes), so this was an easy option.  We were happy to find that the gluten-free pizza was inexpensive (the cheapest place we’ve been) and really good!  It was the thinner crust, but it was still very good.  And it only took them 10-15 minutes to have ready, so it’s a great quick option.  We got the pepperoni and the Buckeye Bounce (pesto, chicken, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, etc).  We liked both toppings and I definitely want to get Buffalo Chicken Pizza next.

buckeye bounce pizza buckeye pizza

Friday:  Lo’s family (7 of them) came up for a BBQ because his aunt and cousin were visiting from Tennessee.  We made burgers, hot dogs, apple and gouda chicken sausages (which is what I had), spinach salad, apple cinnamon baked beans (though I just used drained, canned baked beans and the sauce), and asparagus, and his mom made gf cheesy potatoes, his grandma made gf apple crisp, and we had fruit, chips and salsa, cheese, and veggies and dip.  Sounds like a ton of food, but it was hit hard and we didn’t have a ton of anything left over (which is always good)!  It was a fun night with good food!

Saturday:  Omelets for breakfast and leftovers for lunch.  We went to a charity event in the evening and while they were supposed to have dinner, it was just appetizers.  I had some skewers with beef, cheese, olives, and banana peppers and a caprese salad skewer.  And some delicious chocolate mousse.  Later we went to Rusty Bucket and I had a gluten free quesadilla.

Sunday:  Omelets for breakfast.  Ice cream for a snack.  Chicken sausage, baked beans, and cheesy potatoes for lunch. Chicken sausage and baked beans for dinner.

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