From the mouth of Jenson: February 2016

From the mouth of Jenson: February 2016

When Jenson really started talking, he was constantly cracking us up with things he would say, or surprising us with his verbal skillz.  I bought this wall calendar that has blank lines on the top page, and the calendar at the bottom and hung it in the kitchen, so that we could record milestones or funny things that happened through the months so we wouldn’t forget.  I included some of the stuff in Jenson’s monthly updates, but I thought I’d backtrack to add these notes to the blog, especially since I don’t do monthly updates for him after he turned two.


February 2016

  • “Want some, friends?” (trying to give sandwich to Daniel Tiger figurines)

jenson feeding toys

  • “No thank you, toots.”  Again with the manners, kid.  And thanks Miss Elena on Daniel Tiger for calling everyone toots.
  • “Please can we sit and read this book together?” Working on his manners, and together sounds more like togedder.

jenson nana ana lo

  • When we ask him how old he is “I’m number 2” and he tries to hold up 2 fingers, which takes both hands.
  • “I’m eating tator hots”  He called tator tots that for a month or two.
  • “Where did Emma go?” when she had to leave my mom’s to go to basketball practice.

jenson looking for emma

  • When Lo got him out of the crib in one morning- “I pooped in the crib and gave monkey a kiss”.  He didn’t actually poop IN the crib…he pooped his diaper while in the crib.  And apparently monkey got a kiss because of that.
  • “Everybody……[various things follow]” Everybody come in the living room, everybody do this, everybody come in here.
  • “I wanna go back to the coffee shop” We went to story time at a local coffee shop and he loved it because he got to drink a milk and split a cookie with me at the table afterwards.

jenson milk at coffee shop

  • “The duck [in a book] has blueberry eyes.”  Delicious.
  • “How about you…[various things follow]”.  When he wants us to do something, he says it this way.  Often it was “how about you turn the pages”.  Anytime I was holding Marlowe, he wanted me to turn the pages (of course).

couch with kids

  • “I wanna hear Peaceful Feeling”.  Lo sings Peaceful Easy Feeling to him sometimes at night.
  • “I wanna hold Marlowe”

jenson and marlowe


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