New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale

I was a major beer lover before I found out that I couldn’t have gluten.  I’ve been able to find substitutions for almost everything with gluten – except beer (and Combos).  I’ve tried about 8-10 gluten free beers and so far Daura is my favorite.  I don’t like Redbridge very much, but it will do in a pinch on a hot summer day – and it gets credit for being the first easy to find gluten free beer. 
New Planet has three gluten free beers: Off Grid Pale Ale, Tread Lightly Ale, and 3R Raspberry Ale.  My friend said that the 3R Raspberry Ale is gross, so I’m not going to bother with that one.  I had an Off Grid Pale Ale tonight and I’d rank it in the middle – about a 5 or 6.  It taste more like an Amber beer to me (if I remember what regular beer tastes like), but it has a bitter aftertaste like a pale ale.  It’s made from sorghum and brown rice extract, and I can definitely taste the sorghum.  Gluten free beer is not “light” and this follows suit at 170 calories for a 12 oz. bottle – which is the same amount as a PINT of Guinness.  I miss Guinness so much…

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