Pregnancy thus far ~ 20 weeks

Pregnancy thus far ~ 20 weeks

I’m almost 21 weeks, so over halfway through this pregnancy!  Funny how I was doing weekly updates/pictures when I was pregnant with Jenson, and this time I’ve barely mentioned it other than the announcement.  Turns out, I don’t have a lot of free time these days!  Just one more difference between a first and second pregnancy – that’s a whole different post.

Everything has been going great, honestly.  I was sick and exhausted until about 13 weeks and have felt mostly okay since then.  I have days when I’m more tired than others, but taking care of a toddler is tiring.  I’m considered “advanced maternal age”, so I’ve gone to the high risk center for 1st and 2nd trimester tests and ultrasounds (I went in my last pregnancy too).  I have to go back in the 3rd trimester this time though.  Everything has looked great and there is no reason to expect any issues.

I had to see a different doctor for one regular appointment – actually, the Dr. who delivered Jenson, and at the end of the appointment he brought up my weight gain.  At that point (16-17 weeks) it was about 10 lbs…but all of that was within the month since my last appointment, once I was finally able to eat, so that was his concern.  It also happened to be after I was with my family for 10 days = a lot of sweets.  Lo had gained about 8 lbs during that same time too, so no surprise.  I was just like – yeah, that sounds right.  Of course its the only male doctor in the practice…thus one who hasn’t actually been through pregnancy himself.  My (female) doctor never said anything about weight gain with Jenson, nor in this pregnancy, so I’m not worried about it.  I found one of my appointment papers from last pregnancy, and I hadn’t gained much more than last time at this point – maybe 2 lbs.?  I’m definitely thicker already though – I was in pretty good shape when I got pregnant last time and kept up with it, but haven’t this time, so I’m not in great shape or have much muscle now.  To be honest, I’m pretty positive I’ll gain more with this one anyway because I’m not able to work out everyday for 45+ minutes and take advanced yoga 2-3 times a week, and all of that stuff I was doing last time.  It’s a lot harder to fit that into my schedule with a toddler.  When he naps, sometimes I need a nap – and if not, there are a million things I need to do around the house.  I’m trying to do a little of something every day though.  I do have a treadmill that someone gave me – it’s older and not great, but it works fine to walk on.  Being at home all day means I have access to the kitchen all day too – instead of just whatever I brought to work with me like last time.  Also, I’ll be pregnant through the holiday season this year, soooo…..cookies.

We still aren’t planning to find out the gender.  I feel like it’s a boy though.  I dreamed that I had a boy, and since then have just thought of the baby as a boy.  I really don’t have a preference – I can see the benefits of having either gender.  A boy would be easiest as far as possessions go, because we have all of the boy clothing and toys.  And we know how to take care of a boy.  But having a girl means we get to experience all kinds of new things and interests as she grows up, that will likely be different from Jenson’s.  I guess I’d lean towards having a boy for the convenience, but then I’d miss out on the mother-daughter bond in the future, so I really don’t know.  We will be happy to have a healthy baby who is as awesome as Jenson.  That’s not too much to ask, right?

I guess I’ll use the format I used for my last pregnancy to give a little update about everything else.  These won’t be happening weekly though….perhaps monthly or just whenever I get around to it.

Week 20: August 14-20

Baby size: Mango

Maternity Clothes:  I’m in all maternity pants/shorts now, and a combo of regular and maternity shirts, depending on whether I want to just look chubby (regular shirt) versus pregnant (maternity shirt).  Maternity shirts make you look more pregnant because of how they are cut.  I’m right on the edge of still just looking chunky through the middle…or like I just had a baby, more so than obviously pregnant.  It’s such an awkward stage.  I pretty much just wear tees and capri yoga pants or shorts around the house all day anyway, so it’s easy to get dressed.

For comparison sake, here’s 18 weeks this time versus 18 weeks last time (2nd pic).  Not a huge difference, but definitely thicker through the stomach and butt this time.  Note that I’ve definitely popped out much further in the last 3 weeks – we just haven’t taken another new picture.

18 weeks18 weeks

Sleep: I just started using my Snoogle again this time.  I needed it last time earlier because we had a different bed, but with the memory foam bed that we have now, my hips don’t bother me when I sleep.  I started using it because I keep waking up on my back, and I really should be sleeping on my sides all the time now, so the Snoogle helps keep me there.  I usually have to get up once to pee at night…that’s annoying but normal now.

Symptoms:  Occasionally heartburn.  It was bad last week, but not this week.  I get a bad headache about every 2 weeks.  My lower back hurts after working out sometimes, but I’m sure that’s because my core isn’t as strong as last time, and I’m also picking up 25 lbs. of Jenson regularly.

Workouts:  I try to walk on the treadmill a few times a week.  Usually only for 20-25 minutes because much more than that and my hip will start to hurt (plus, time is hard to carve out).  I try to get in some yoga stretches and a leg workout every few days too.  The leg workouts are half as easy as I was doing last time and they are kicking my butt.  So weak.  I keep meaning to go to the Y and see if Jenson will do okay in the childcare.  If so, I’ll join for the next few months…if he doesn’t, its not worth the money.  I just need to get over there and check it out.

Good moments of the week:  Lo and I had a free weekend since Jenson went to Nana and Papaw’s for the weekend.  It was so odd not having him around or taking care of him.  We definitely missed him, but we got to go to the movies and to dinner with friends on Saturday, and we went to dinner on Friday night too.  We hadn’t been anywhere together without him since about February, so that was long overdue.  We really need to find a sitter around here.  My birthday was on Monday and I had a good day.  We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat at my doctor’s appointment that day, and on Tuesday we had the ultrasound.  Jenson has been talking in full sentences all week and has been taking long naps when we are home, so I’m extra grateful for that!  He spent some time with his former sitter, Grandma W., Braxton, and Gavin, while I had appointments, and he had so much fun.  I’m so glad that he can go to our former neighbors’ house with the sitter while I have my appointments.  My doctor is only 5 or so miles from there, so it works out well.

Food cravings:  Nothing that sticks around for long.  I’ve been eating a lot of sweets, but that’s pretty normal.

What I miss: Sleeping through the night, having extra energy, wearing normal clothes, the waistband of my underwear not rolling down.

What I’m looking forward to:  Fall weather!  I love fall weather…cooler weather clothes…football season…apple picking, etc.  It’s not that it’s too hot outside because I’m pregnant, but it’s just too hot to be outside as much as Jenson likes to be outside.  We are also supposed to try to make it to a Reds game and/or some other short trip out of town, if not Vegas, but we’ve been pretty poor at planning.

Milestones: Consistent movement that can be felt from the outside (Lo hasn’t caught it yet though).  Good 2nd trimester scans, over halfway through the pregnancy!

I guess we should start figuring out where/what we are doing for the nursery…

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