These are just some random goings-on that I wrote earlier in the week and forgot to post….

I wore black and white striped underwear with stretchy khaki pants.  Fail.   A month ago I wore the same undies with Capri yoga pants for a 23 mile bike ride and after a few miles in, my husband said he could see my stripes through my pants.  And then I still wore them with khaki.

Whole Foods had organic blueberries for $1.99/pint for a Friday deal last week and I called around 3 p.m. to make sure they had plenty so we could stop after work.  I was assured there were plenty.  We went to the first Whole Foods, which I’d called, and they had run out.  I called the other Whole Foods to check with them before we went out of our way again and they were out too.  I threw my phone and almost cried.  Not because I’m pregnant and emotional, but because I love blueberries.  I was going to buy at least a case was SO disappointed.  Then I remembered that they were just blueberries and realized that it was stupid for it to ruin my Friday.

I bought something like eight ½ gallons of ice cream one day.  Not because we are hosting a neighborhood ice cream party, but because they were on some serious discounts – like Breyers Vanilla was 51 cents.  We finally have some room in our extra freezer, so I stocked up.  It was Lo’s birthday and he loves ice cream, so I felt better about it.

I’m kind of thrilled that most people can’t tell that I’m pregnant yet, depending on what I’m wearing.  Of course, I’m a little thicker in the middle, so I just look like I put on weight.  At the same time, I want my baby belly to merge with my regular belly, so I don’t have two bellys anymore and don’t have to worry about shirts being tight (once it’s just one belly, tight shirts are okay).

I haven’t been using stretch mark lotion or oil very often because I’m too lazy to put on lotion most days.  I don’t have dry skin, so I usually only put lotion on my legs after I shave, which certainly isn’t every day.  I don’t have any stretch marks yet, but once they are there, it’s too late (and some studies show that using that stuff doesn’t truly make a difference).  I’m sure I’ll regret this.

I’m still working on my mom’s mother day present.  We were all in Vegas for Mother’s Day, and obviously I wasn’t going to bring it on a plane and make her carry it back (it’s not small), and we are planning to go home in June anyway, so I’ll give it to her then.  It’s a very tedious project that was outside of my comfort zone, so it’s taking forever.  I don’t want to even talk about Father’s Day yet, even though that’s when we’ll be home.  My dad is impossible to come up with gifts for – he has no hobbies other than classic cars, watching high school sports, and hanging out at an auto body place.  He likes cheese.

Our friends are coming to visit and will see our house for the first time and I feel like it needs to be really clean because their house is always really clean (I think because she wakes up at like 4 a.m. every day). I know she doesn’t care at all, but I still feel like that.  I probably should have cleaned last Sunday, but watched the last half of the season of Nashville for most of the day.

We took Boof to Pups on the Patio at Graeter’s on Thursday.  It’s put on by a local rescue organization and there was an adorable puggle-spaniel dog that was going to be there who I wanted to see.  We didn’t have any intention of adopting this dog, but she was so cute and had the biggest underbite!  The dog was adorable (not as cute as Boof), but she was in the process of possibly getting adopted, so I don’t feel tempted to get another one.  We figured it would be good socialization for Boof as well since her dog-cousins were leaving for Florida for a few weeks again.  She actually did really well and seemed to enjoy being around the other dogs.  Even though she ate a cake last week, we still got her one of the free frosty paws treats.  She’s been losing weight on her diet food (her harness is loose again!) and we thought she deserved a treat.  She loved it – but she wanted every other dogs’ treat too.  I kept trying to get a picture of her, but she was always staring longingly while the other dogs ate theirs too, so this was the best I could get.  There was a tiny puppy eating a frosty paw, and she wanted it so badly!

boof at graeters

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