What we ate last week: no dining out!

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I’m not great with meal planning.  I can’t predict ahead of time what we’re going to be doing on any individual night, or what we’re going to want to eat.  Sometimes I do better than other times, but lately, any sort of plan is out the door.  Since I tend to buy a lot of meat at once when it’s on sale and bought , we always have a lot in the freezer.  I just have to remember to pull it out so it thaws.

Lo helps out a ton in the kitchen, sometimes doing much more than I do.  I usually come up with a meal and he cooks the meat, or does the chopping, or whatever he can do to help.  If we have eggs on the weekend, he made them.  My weekday breakfast is usually greek yogurt and fruit or oats and fruit (I don’t know what he eats for breakfast still).  I also usually have some other fruit at work (lately bananas, apples, pineapple, berries, etc.).  Weekday lunches are usually leftovers from dinner or soup or something.

I thought it would make more sense to do “what we ate”, instead of “what we are going to eat”.  I often don’t get recipes up that I’ve made for a week or two, so this will give a truer picture our meals…no matter how sad they are for the week.

Sunday: Swai Fillets, Balsamic Browned Butter Asparagus, and leftover Cabbage Gratin.  YUM.  My sister made Swai once at my mom’s and it such a light and mild fish so I bought some.  It’s also inexpensive and individually wrapped (and frozen) so it’s a great and healthy fish option.

What we ateMonday:  Burgers, Chicken, Asparagus, and Quinoa & Cheese (similar to this, without the extra veggies) at our friends’ house.  They were hoping their 4-year-old would eat this like it was cheese and rice, since quinoa has more nutrition, but no dice.  She had PB&J.

Tuesday: Grilled chicken with potato and sweet potato hash

Wednesday:  Grilled cheese and leftover homemade tomato soup.  Lo just had grilled cheese- he’s not a fan of tomato soup.

Thursday:  BBQ pulled pork, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans.  The pork was put in the crockpot overnight and Lo took care of this meal while I was out running errands and he did an awesome job.

Friday:  BBQ pulled pork and red pepper quesadillas.  We also made Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Dough Crumble Bars but they weren’t ready until the next day.  They were amazing.  I’ll post about them soon – gotta take some pics (though hers are gorgeous).

Saturday:  Quick omelet for breakfast, Tacos at my sister-in-laws for lunch, and for dinner I had a little bit of pulled pork before we went to our neighborhood euchre party, where I had a few bourbon meatballs (that I made), potato skins, fruit, and cheese.

Sunday:  Pulled pork and pepper omelet (yum – lo makes great omelets) for brunchish, and grilled gluten-free BBQ chicken pineapple calzone for dinner (similar to these).  Lo made the calzones – his was pulled pork and not gf.  Clearly we made a lot of pulled pork (and we froze at least half!).

We actually did pretty well this week – we didn’t go out to eat at all – which is unusual.  The week before I think we went out more than we ate at home sadly.  Our meals were fairly well balances, but I haven’t gone to the grocery store, so we didn’t have as many veggies as we should have.

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