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Baby Watch: Week 23

week 23 part 2

Just for fun and to show the people who say I’m not getting very big….here’s 10 weeks ago (and wearing the same outfit).  Good Lord!  I honestly didn’t think it was that much of a difference until I just compared!  That is thickness!!!!!!!!!!

week 13

Week 23: June 18– June 24

Baby size: Large grapefruit – but over 1 pound.  Let me point out that some of these comparison charts aren’t making sense sometimes.  One says a papaya (the ones I can find around here are huge!), one says a grapefruit, and another says an eggplant, which actually is scheduled for week 28 on another list.  Obviously all produce is different sizes, but those are radically different.

Note: the grapefruit I’m holding was a normal size last week when I bought it, but it seems to have shriveled a little since then – so it’s also quite inaccurate.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and half and half with regular and maternity tops.  Some maternity tops make me look way more pregnant than I actually look, so I’m easing into them slowly.

Sleep: In week 22 there were two nights that I didn’t get up to pee.  In week 23, there were two nights that I got up twice to pee.  What?!  I think I just drank too much water too late, but that just blows. I’ve woken up laying on my back a couple of times and been like – oh my back hurts.  And then I’m like oh – I’m not really supposed to be sleeping on my back anymore.  I’m not even sure how it happens with my snoogle pillow, but somehow it does.  My friend’s midwife told her it wasn’t a big deal – that she’d be too uncomfortable to stay like that before it would cause any problems (the potential of cutting off blood supply) – and she just had a healthy baby girl on Saturday. Other than that – sleep was okay this past week.

Symptoms:  Getting full faster, occasional heartburn. That’s about all right now.  The baby must be still sitting on my bladder because I’ve been having to pee a lot more than normal (and most movement that I feel is in that area).  I had to pee in a restaurant and a store last week.  I hate that so bad.

Workouts:  Good leg workout, prenatal yoga (which sucked because it was way too easy), regular yoga (which I totally rocked), and treadmill and elliptical.  I get bad round ligament pain after walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes, so I had to switch to elliptical.

Good moments of the week:  We babysat our friends’ 8 month old on Friday and he’s never been with anyone other than his parents and grandma.  He had a little separation anxiety freak out after a little bit that we weren’t sure was going to end.  We took turns walking/bouncing him and doing what his mom suggested until he fell asleep.  He woke up and still was upset, but finally calmed down when it was time for him to eat again.  After that he was such a sweet boy and did so well.  But the good thing is that even when we were worried that he was going to cry for the next 5 hours, we thought we could handle it.  Now we need to keep him again soon so he can start to get used to us (alone).  And he’s so cute!

Lo feeding Braxton:
lo feeding brax

Boof watching Lo feed Braxton (seriously – how cute is this – I can’t stand it!):boof watching lo feed brax

Other good things…I bought some baby clothes at a clearance sale at Carter’s and bought some used stuff from a lady from the local facebook group for cheap.  We have a hell of a start on the baby’s first year of clothing and cloth diapers!

Food cravings:  We were at a Mexican restaurant with friends and there were candy machines nearby and I told our one friend that I wished there were runts in one of them.  He totally agreed and we were talking about our favorite runts (everyone likes bananas best, except Lo, who said they were gross), and then I kind of wanted runts.  Not enough to make a stop to get them, but enough that I looked for them in the store tonight (no dice).

What I miss: Doing certain yoga moves, sleeping through the night, being able to avoid public bathrooms, tuna tartare

What I’m looking forward to:  My sister/family possibly visiting this weekend, Lo’s sister and Sadie visiting us.

Milestones: Nothing that I can think of.  My uterus is supposedly the size of a soccer ball – (what?!), so I guess that’s a milestone, however crazy.  I don’t actually think mine is that big yet.  That’s huge!  According to the sites, the baby may be able to recognize our voices and can hear Boof barking now.

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