My biggest nursing supporter

You might think that my biggest nursing supporter is Lo, or even my lactation consultant.  But no…it’s Jenson.  Although sometimes he gets mad when I have to feed Marlowe and he wants to sit on my lap and read, he’s more than happy to demonstrate various breastfeeding equipment and accessories. Here he is showing me […]

Levon, Levon! (and funny sleep stories)

Jenson isn’t the easiest to put to sleep at night.  He’s not particularly difficult, but it takes an hour and he “needs” one of us to sit outside his door until he’s asleep.  Sometimes he sings or talks to himself, sometimes (often) he wants us to sing to him, and other times, he wants to […]

Could he look any more like Lo?

There have been times when Jenson looked a little like me (when he was an infant), and occasionally he makes faces that are similar to mine.  But, seriously.  Is he even mine?? Last week a lady in Hobby Lobby asked me if I was babysitting him.  I was like “uh, he’s mine”.  I still can’t […]