My biggest nursing supporter

My biggest nursing supporter

You might think that my biggest nursing supporter is Lo, or even my lactation consultant.  But no…it’s Jenson.  Although sometimes he gets mad when I have to feed Marlowe and he wants to sit on my lap and read, he’s more than happy to demonstrate various breastfeeding equipment and accessories.

Here he is showing me how to use my nursing pillow and manual pump:

jenson nursing pillow jenson pump

And here he’s demonstrating putting in nursing pads, and the proper breastfeeding position.

jenson nursing pad jenson nursing

He even burped his baby afterwards, but I didn’t get a picture of that because he noticed me.

jenson kissing his baby

He’s also super helpful because one of his favorite activities is counting my stomach rolls as I’m nursing Marlowe.  I’ve since started wearing nursing tanks more often, lol.

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