From the mouth of Jenson: 22 months

From the mouth of Jenson: 22 months

When Jenson really started talking, he was constantly cracking us up with things he would say, or surprising us with his verbal skillz.  I bought a wall calendar that had blank lines on the top page, and the calendar at the bottom and hung it in the kitchen, so that we could record milestones or funny things that happened through the months so we wouldn’t forget.  I included some of the stuff in Jenson’s monthly updates, but I thought I’d backtrack to add these notes to the blog, especially since I don’t do monthly updates for him after he turned two.

August 2015 (things in parenthesis are our responses to what he says)

  • Talking in full sentences and using adjectives like hot, cold, heavy, and fast.
  • Counts to 20, plus starting to count actual objects up to 7-8 instead of just saying the numbers
  • Knows his colors, numbers, shapes, sports balls, and can identify most letters
  • “Here ya go baby” when he doesn’t want to eat something and he hands it back, or just wants to give us something.  If we don’t take it right away, he just keeps saying it, getting louder and louder….”here ya go”, “here ya go”, “HERE YA GO!!”
  • Knows the words to lots of songs: Twinkle twinkle, ABC’s, chorus of Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles, Jesus Loves Me, Rockabye Baby, Levon by Elton John
  • Asks us to “read a book?” Sometimes its the same book over and over.  He knows most of the words to Little Blue Truck


  • Tells the story about the parade he went to with Lo’s mom.  It’s his first “story
    me: did you go to a parade with Nana?
    J: YEAH! I saw kids!
    me: did you say anything?
    J: I say hi! (and/or bye), plus he adds in a wave to demonstrate
    me: What else did you see?”
    J: I saw motorcycle.  Vroom Vroom it loud.
    me: did you see anything else?
    J: a firetruck!
    Sometimes he says he saw a helicopter too.
  • Likes to point out things in the yard, oftentimes things that aren’t actually there “Oh, a deer” “Oh, a monkey”, etc.


  • If we ask him if he wants to go somewhere, he says “See kids?”.  If I say yes or maybe, he’ll say “I say hi” and waves
  • Learning to say sorry without prompting when he does something mean or that he knows he’s not supposed to do
  • When he hears a firetruck or siren, he stops what he’s doing and says “hear that?” (yes, what is it?) “Motorcyle (or firetruck)”


  • When I go upstairs in the morning to get him, he says “Daddy?” (he’s at work) “Boof?” (she’s downstairs) “okay”.  When we get downstairs, he says “mommy’s coffee?”, because he knows that’s next.
  • Knows pizza toppings, thanks to the felt board at the library


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