Volleyball after baby…yikes

Volleyball after baby…yikes

My spring volleyball league started last night.  I played in the spring league after Jenson was born too, but that was almost 5 months postpartum…not 2.5.  And I worked out most days of my pregnancy with Jenson, unlike with Marlowe.  And I had lost all of my baby weight by then – unlike the 20 extra I still have.  I was back to work, and thus back to the gym.  And we lived 8 minutes from there…not 45.  So it’s a little different this time…and a little rough.

My friend organizes the team and I warned her that it wasn’t going to be pretty and that I could just sub for the team if she wanted…but she wanted me to play full time.  Wouldn’t you know it, our first game was a double header.  This isn’t just a fun, rec league.  It’s the strongest reverse co-ed in the city – fun, but strong.  Volleyball is NOT like riding a bike.  It was so awkward.  I did ok physically, as in, not dying cardio-wise, but it was like my body had no idea how to function in this way anymore.  Things got much better as the games went on, but there was still a disconnect between my brain and my body.

I knew it would be like this and I’m not upset about it, but it still sucks.  As the first game started, I “jumped” once for a block and then was like – oh, never mind.  If I even cleared the net, my timing was so off that I wouldn’t have even been close.  It easier to just let the guys playing middle block solo and float out without having to worry about trampling me.  Things will get much better as the season goes on, but it’s a rude awakening.

Lo had both kids for the first time longer than an hour and he did fine.  I wasn’t worried about that though.  Marlowe only needed one tiny bottle when I was gone – which is good because I don’t really have much of a freezer stash since I am always with her.  I rarely pump because I’m still trying to get my supply under control.

It was nice to get out of the house and see friends.  And it was really nice to be active.  I just really haven’t found the time to do much more than some squats and such here and there, or some yoga after everyone goes to bed.  As far as the league goes, I just have to keep reminding myself that I started playing 2.5 months earlier this time, and be thankful that my defense is still decent and that my team likes me.

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