Do this stuff already – Goals for 2012

We don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I’m okay with setting goals for the new year.  I find them kind of silly that you should wait until the first of the year to commit to making changes.  Also, the New Year’s resolution people who always show up at the gym in January make me crazy.  They wander around, hogging the machines, filling up the classes – and by mid-February they are gone and it’s just the regulars again.  Hopefully since we go to a private club now, it won’t be as bad as when we were members at LFF, but I’m sure it will be noticeable.  I’m all about people wanting to get healthy and work out, but I feel like waiting until the new year to start because they made a resolution tends to set them up for failure.

So….these aren’t resolutions, per se – they are just things that we need to try to get done this year.  Check out the page here.

I’ll be pulling out my fancy toolbox.  Luckily, Lo has real tools.
Shoebox Toolbox


2 thoughts on “Do this stuff already – Goals for 2012”

  • Is that a peanut butter jar full of nuts and bolts? Did you find it under your car hood when you went to change your oil? If so, dad wants it back…

    • It certainly is! When I moved away, I think dad gave me a flashlight, a hammer, and my very own pb jar of nails and screws. It’s really all I ever needed until we bought a darn house!

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