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From the mouth of Jenson: November 2015

From the mouth of Jenson: November 2015

Jenson cracks us up with things he says all of the time, so we started writing them down a few months ago.  I bought this wall calendar that has blank lines on the top page and the calendar at the bottom to hang in the kitchen.  I use it to write appointments and events on the calendar part, and milestones and funny things on the lines at the top.

November 2015

  • “Dickey Mouse” That is what he calls Mickey Mouse.  Never not funny.
  • “Whattaya got?”  He asks us this when he wants us to ask him what he has.  It’s usually just a toy or something.
  • “Hold you” = hold me
  • “Jenson’s coffee” Since mommy and daddy drink coffee, Jenson decided he needed some too, so Lo put his milk or cereal in a mug for him.

jenson coffee

  • “Mom! Dad!”  He started calling us mom and dad sometimes, instead of mommy and daddy.  It’s usually when he’s trying to find us or tell us something important.  I think he was telling us his firetruck was broken or something.
  • “I hurt the belly button”  He likes to say he “hurt” something, so we’ll kiss it.  This time it was his belly button, apparently.
  • “Jenson sad” or “I’m sad”  Daniel Tiger was sad in an episode, so Jenson was sad randomly.  He even says it with the appropriate sad face.
  • “I lick it” There was a book with an ice cream cone in it, so he started licking it when we’d read that book. Then he kept going with other food.  Oh well.

jenson lick

  • “No go to bed; go play” This usually comes out as we are cleaning him up from lunch or dinner.  He knows bedtime is soon to come and wants to eek out a little more play.  Sometimes he gets confused and says it after breakfast too.
  • “Let’s play a little bit” …on the rare occasion he doesn’t have 100% of our attention.
  • “Lydia fix it”  His birthday balloons were still floating around, and he constantly pointed out that Lydia fixed it, still.
  •  He also talked about this cat a lot.  He went for a walk with Lo’s mom while he was staying with them, and this cat followed them home.  He was quite taken by it and would tell us the whole story.

jenson cat

He liked this cat too (at my mom’s).  We named him bones.

jenson bones

In other news…

He remained obsessed with his animals…

jenson animals

And we had some fun outside before it got too cold.

jenson snow jenson bubbles


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