Marlowe update: Three months old

Marlowe update: Three months old

Marlowe is 3 months old now and she’s changing so much!  She started to interact with us (and objects) so much more this month and is really developing a personality.

marlowe 3 months marlowe 3 months

She’s still a clingy little thing – my velcro baby does not really want to be put down.

marlowe 3 months marlowe and jenson

We took overnight trips to our families again this month.  We stayed with Lo’s family before going to the Dayton Shriner’s Easter Egg Hunt (sadly his cousins were sick and couldn’t join him) and then we went to visit my family over Easter weekend and to celebrate my Grandpa’s 90th birthday.  Marlowe did really well again – she was less fussy and didn’t mind others holding her.

marlowe 3 months nana and papaw family
marlowe 3 months mom easter easter marlowe 3 months easter

marlowe 3 months grandpa marlowe 3 months

easter with grandma millie 4 generations mom grandma

She doesn’t like people to be lazy – she wants you to stand and bounce when you’re holding her – she’s like a shark…she needs to keep moving.  Sometimes I’m just excited that I’m able to sit down with her.

marlowe 3 months marlowe 3 months

I started playing volleyball again, so Lo was home with both kids on those evenings for a few hours.  The first couple of weeks didn’t go so well for him.  Marlowe was fussy about taking a bottle and kind of just cried the whole time.  She’s finicky, so if you try to feed her when she’s not hungry, she gets pissed – she is NOT a comfort eater/nurser.  And sometimes she’s just mad because she’s tired and needs to be swaddled and bounced to sleep.  She’s still taking a bunch of little catnaps all day instead of longer naps, so that can be kind of exhausting.  By the time you get her to sleep and put her down, she’s awake within 15-20 minutes (if you can even put her down without her waking).  I’m hoping they will start to stretch out this next month.  (Any tips?)  So it turns out she’s a little more difficult than Jenson was…but we are more comfortable being parents so it’s (usually) not that bad.

marlowe 3 months marlowe 2 month appointment family

Marlowe: February 29 – March 28

Age:  3 months old

Weight:  11 lbs., 2 oz. (50%) at her 2 month appointment (she was closer to 2.5 months)

marlowe 2 month appt

Length:  24 inches (98%) She’s a tall one!

Clothing size:  3 month clothes and some 3-6 month sleepers.

Hair: Light, baby bird hair that’s getting longer.  It sticks up on top, but the sides are starting to lay down now.  Everyone always thinks she has static.  It’s mostly blond, but it seems to be getting a little darker and has a slight ginger tint to it, and her eyelashes are a coppery gold color (is that a color?).

marlowe 3 months marlowe 3 months lashes

Eyes:  Dark blue for now

Teeth:  None, thank goodness.  Her bottom gums are bumpy, so it looks like teeth buds, but the Dr. said they aren’t.

Temperament: She was less fussy this month, but she still wants to be held all of the time.  She’s doing better at laying on her own on the mat or changing table for periods of time.  She’s generally happy and smiley though – most of the time if you make eye contact with her, she smiles.  When she’s fussing, she wants to eat or to sleep (and you better know which).  She’s starting to find her voice and does a lot of squealing and cooing – she sounds so girly sometimes too.

marlowe smiling 3 months marlowe 3 months

Sleeping: She’s not a good sleeper anymore, lol.  I knew it would end, but I didn’t think it would be this soon.  She now wakes every 2-3 hours, with no long stretch.  Soooo…there’s that.  She’s still in our room because we have to put her binkie back in constantly.  She also doesn’t nap that well.  She doesn’t take any naps longer than 45 minutes.  She takes more naps than she should at this point – 6-7 times a day, but they are short.  I haven’t figured out how to stretch them out so that she takes less.  Even though we aren’t getting a lot of sleep, this is her face when she wakes up…and that makes it better.

marlowe 3 months marlowe 3 months

Eating:  All breastmilk.  She started to refuse to nurse on the left side.  At first I thought it was because I had a stronger letdown on that side that would choke her.  I thought it was her way of regulating that and reducing some production.  Eventually I figured out that she only wants to nurse in the football hold on that side.  I kind of hate it, but if that’s what I have to do, I’ll do it.  I need to make an appointment to see the lactation consultant in case something else is going on.

Movement: She discovered her hands this month and spend a lot of time holding her left hand up and staring at it. She also started batting and grabbing toys hanging down.  She loves to kick her feet and has started slamming them down on the changing table like Jenson used to do.  She doesn’t mind being on her stomach now – especially if she can watch Jenson play.

marlowe 3 months found hand marlowe 3 months found hand marlowe 3 months

–First St. Patrick’s Day

st patricks day marlowe 3 months st patrick
–Laughs out loud
–Met the Easter Bunny

easter bunny
–First Easter

marlowe 3 months easter marlowe 3 months easter
–Bats at toys
–Found her hands

marlowe 3 months

Favorite toys/activities:
–Laying on changing table (just like Jenson), especially with her pants off
–Being swaddled and bounced
–Nursing and being held

sleepy marlowe
–Talking to us and being talked to

marlowe 3 months bathtime marlowe 3 months bath
–Filling her diaper
–Riding in the Kinderpack, or just being on me in some way

marlowe 3 months marlowe 3 months
–Laying on the playmat and batting at toys
–Going to the library (because that’s pretty much the only place we go)

library marlowe 3 months library
–Looking at the lights on the swing or the animals on the bouncer
–Watching Jenson play.  She looks for him anytime she hears him.
marlowe and jenson marlowe and jenson

–Not being held
–Having to wait a minute once she decides she’s hungry or trying to get her to eat when she’s not hungry
–Boof barking, especially when she’s sleeping

Sounds and Words:
–Coos, squeals, and laughs
–Some of her cries/screams are really starting to sound girly
–Grunty sleeper
–Very expressive faces

marlowe 3 months marlowe 3 months

Looking forward to:
–Getting outside in the spring weather (that didn’t happen last month as expected)
–Longer naps (please tell me this will happen…)

Watch Marlowe grow:

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marlowe 3 months

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