From the mouth of Jenson: December 2015

From the mouth of Jenson: December 2015

When Jenson really started talking, he was constantly cracking us up with things he would say, or surprising us with his verbal skillz.  I bought a wall calendar that had blank lines on the top page, and the calendar at the bottom and hung it in the kitchen, so that we could record milestones or funny things that happened through the months so we wouldn’t forget.  I included some of the stuff in Jenson’s monthly updates, but I thought I’d backtrack to add these notes to the blog, especially since I don’t do monthly updates for him after he turned two.

December 2015

  • When I’d ask him to smile, and he’d say “Cheese, baby”.  Perhaps I call him “baby” too often.  He’s mostly stopped saying “hereya go baby” when he gives us things though.

cheese face cheese face

  • “Where Ticky Mouse book?”  This one took us days to figure out because we didn’t have a Mickey Mouse book.  He was actually looking for a Mickey Mouse card that someone had given him.  We didn’t figure it out until he found it a week later.
  • (Do you want a brother or sister?) “A brother” (What should we name the baby?) “Sister baby”.


  • “I look good”  When I dress him, I got into the habit of telling him how good he looks.  He agrees.
  • “I miss-amazing” This translates to I look amazing.  Again, me telling him he looks amazing when he gets dressed or puts on a silly hat.
  • “I see kids and people and babies?”  No, he didn’t go Sixth Sense on us…he says this every time we tell him we are going somewhere or when we ask him where he went.  He gets so excited to see kids and people and babies.
  • “I’m so sad”  He learned this from Daniel Tiger.  He just randomly says it and looks sad for 30 seconds.
  • “Go back again?” or “we’ll come back?” Anytime he has fun somewhere (library, restaurant, someone’s house), when we get in the car he asks us if we’ll go back again sometime.

IMG_1227 chuck and kelley

  • “I want berries” (me: they’re all gone) “I’m so sad…”
  • “That’s MY excuse me”.  Jenson burped and Loren said “excuse me” and Jenson did not like that.
  • “No go night-night” Anytime he thought it was getting close to nap or bedtime, he’d say this.

And the best one of all.

  • “Oh, it’s a turtle” That is what he said the first time he saw Marlowe when he came to see us at the hospital.

jenson meeting marlowe jenson meeting marlowe

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