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Glorious Spring Weekend!

We finally got a whole Spring weekend – and it was glorious!  The weather was 60-ish and sunny, and we had a great weekend with lots of friend visits.

It started off with massages on Friday – I’d bought daily deals for us to each get a massage and Friday was the first day she could fit us in.  My upper back has been killing me and I had tons of knots, which I like to call animals, because when you press hard on them, they move and roll out from under your fingers.  She started the massage off and wasn’t giving me a lot of pressure, but once she got to my upper back, I told her she can press a lot harder to get the knots.  And she sure did.  She worked on the right side first, which I thought was the worse side.  It hurt pretty bad, but I knew I had to suck it up so she could break up the knots.  And then she got to the left side and started using her elbow to push harder and oh.my.god. it hurt so bad.  She stopped a few times and asked me if it was too much and I told her to just keep going.  Apparently my left side was much worse than my right and she ended up not even being able to break up the knots on that side before time ran out.  As much as I hate putting out the money for massages, I’ll probably go back in a couple of weeks to have her (or someone) work on them again.

After the massage, our friends met us at our house with their almost 6 month old.  We hadn’t seen him in months and he’s grown so much!  He’s so adorable!  It was amazing catching up with them as usual, and we ended our evening at Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  Their gluten-free pizzas aren’t amazing, but they are good enough.

On Saturday, Boof got a bath, so she’s all silky again.  Lo’s brother and girlfriend were in town and we got lunch at El Vaquero and ice cream at Jeni’s with them.  Lo went to the Crew game and I hung out at home and took a little nap with Boofie.  After the game we went to dinner with several friends at Beer Kitchen 101.

On Sunday, Lo built me a salad table to grow lettuce and herbs.  I’m so excited about it! Since the table is elevated, the bunnies can eat my salad fixings and it’s easy to maintain. Plus we can move it to partial shade once the weather gets too hot.  A friend and her daughter came over for a little while too.  Boof spent tons of time outside – she’s loving our backyard now.  When we first got her, she wouldn’t go outside without us – now she can’t get enough of it.  She gets so hot though, since our trees don’t have leaves yet.  We went to Lowe’s so I could get lots of seeds to start the garden and salad table while the weather is nice.  Next up is staining the deck and replacing the fence in the front!

salad tableI know it’s going to get cold again – we have some highs of 40’s coming up this week – but at least we got a taste of it and I’m hopeful that the weather will actually warm up for real.

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