New “To Do” before Baby

So we have our list of things we want to get done over the next year, but now that we are having a baby, certain things need to be moved to more important on the list and others won’t really matter so much.  I put together a new “to do” list so we have something to refer to.  I’m leaving our 2013 list as is for now though.


  • Mulch – 1/2 done
  • Replace fence gates/sides
  • Buy more soil to fill garden bag – may skip this
  • Buy bell and hot pepper plants to put in the garden – July
  • Plant more blueberry bushes for the side of the house
  • Plant a dwarf Japanese maple at the corner of the house – July
  • Get rid of some of the ugly landscaping bushes or at least tame them – again.
  • Make shaded garden MUCH smaller because nothing good is going on in there Lo already did this
  • Add hostas to the side of the house (probably when we split our enormous ones in the fall) – Split and moved some, but not most
  • Stain the deck – Finally stopped raining mid-July!
  • Buy our patio set from ikea Got it on Saturday, though we need to buy 4 more chairs when they are back in stock
  • Fill and put out railing planters/hanging baskets – some of the flowers are already dying!
  • Maybe ad some flower power amongst the out of control hostas in the front
  • Get hose bib in the back fixed


  • Switch out storm door for screen door on front (maybe orb the front door hardware bc the brass worn/scratched)
  • Replace carpet with wood floors – bought….just need to pick up and install
  • Buy rugs for living and dining room
  • Decide if we want to paint downstairs before after we replace floors – decided we’d wait to see if we can live with the color
  • Decide what to do with bedroom flooring – going to see what we think about the downstairs flooring before deciding
  • Refinish dresser/desk/nightstand set – stripped the desk – just need to paint.  We don’t need the other pieces yet.
  • Hang stuff on walls – seriously, this is out of control – I just need to commit!  We have so far hung one more picture…struggling with the where’s/what’s right now.  We hung more!
  • Build shelves in crawlspace
  • Add cabinet door to back of peninsula
  • Divide some of the shelves in my closet system
  • Paint/rehang basement stairs railing
  • Recover/refinish window seat – mostly refinished (may need another coat), still needs recovered
  • Refinish coffee table or buy storage ottoman for sectional – I think we’re going with an ottoman
  • Buy lamps for around sectional Bought at ikea
  • Stabilize and maybe re-paint main stairs railing
  • Hang decals
  • Security bars or alarm for basement windows
  • Patch kitchen counter, maybe paint?
  • Buy fire extinguishers for upstairs and basement

Boof is getting a belly rub, but you can see our new couch, lamps, and art in the front room.

to do

Baby specific:

  • Anchor large furniture and tv (our baby may not need this for awhile, but we have enough visiting babies that we should just do it now)
  • Decorate nursery (kind of a nature look): paint or buy tree decals
  • Reconfigure nursery closet- replace wire racks with real shelves – add curtain, buy baskets
  • Refinish glider (mom to recover cushions) – picked out gray corduroy and mom took cushions home to recover.


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