Jenson update: 19 months

I quit my job, we packed up our house, and moved!  We are still getting adjusted to the house and me being home with Jenson all day.  It’s amazing, but it turns out, I don’t get much done during the day with him.  I’m not terribly surprised…he’s a little more clingy than usual, but I […]

Jenson update: 17 months

We had lots going on this month…more on that later…but I didn’t get to do the standard weekly posts.  I think it’s time to back off from the long weekly posts with a million pictures, and just do the monthly posts, along with any separate fun events.  Jenson has changed so much this month – […]

Jenson update: 15 months

Jenson is 15 months!  We had a great Christmas season, though the year ended with him having a really bad stomach bug.  Luckily he got to see all of our family before that got too bad.  He still didn’t “get” Christmas, but he had fun and loves all of his new toys. We had some […]

Jenson update: 14 months

Jenson is 14 months!  We went to Vegas again to visit Max and Co., enjoyed a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Jenson’s twin cousins (boys), and took a long weekend to visit my family for Thanksgiving.   The best news of the month – sleeping through the night consistently!!!  And he got […]

Jenson update: 1 year old!

Jenson’s first year went by so fast.  So fast that I couldn’t keep up with the posts and he’s already 13 months!  He became incredibly verbal in his 12th month, but he’s usually quiet around other people.  He imitates sounds and syllables very accurately.  He’s cruising and standing for 10+ seconds.  He likes practicing standing […]

Jenson update: 10 months old

This was a big month for Jenson.  He finally got his first two teeth, became mobile through by scooting around on his belly, crawling backwards, and constantly rolling back and forth, and says “dada” all of the time (and seems to know what it means).  It was a busy month with lots of visits with […]

Jenson update: Nine Months Old

This month it felt like Jenson really isn’t as much of a baby anymore.  I know he’s not a toddler yet, but he’s just so much more independent and I know being mobile and talking is just around the corner.  It’s so exciting, but sad at the same time.  People said the first year would […]

Jenson update: Eight Months Old

Jenson changed so much between 7 and 8 months.  He’s so independent now and plays happily by himself now that he sits so steadily.  He babbles constantly and has smiles for everyone.  The best part of my day is getting home to see him.  He always breaks into a huge smile, and when I pick […]