Appetizer Night Part 2!

Appetizer Night Part 2!
After work on Friday night, I had a bad headache for a couple of hours, so we didn’t make any plans.  I also didn’t have any thoughts for dinner (we usually don’t eat leftovers on Friday nights).  The weather was supposed to get bad, and by the time my headache was fading, we were starting to get some freezing rain.  We talked about going to Jury Room, since it’s only about 3 miles away and wouldn’t be very crowded; we talked about ordering in, but nothing sounded great and most places would probably take forever because of the weather and because everyone was probably ordering in.  We didn’t have any secret pepperoni or other great toppings, and we had plenty of pizza last week, so grilled pizza didn’t sound great.  So we did what we did on another similar night a year ago…Appetizer Night!
Appetizer Night #2

Appetizer Night consists of whatever you want it to and whatever is easy enough.  I knew I had a few blocks of cream cheese in the fridge and wanted to use one of them, so I looked online for a baked dip recipe to use as a guide, and found this Hot and Spicy Corn Dip to use as a guide.  The only changes I made were to use salsa instead of tomatoes, chipotle peppers instead of jalapenos, and added sliced green onions and sundried tomatoes.  In the end, I wish i would have added more spices because it could have been spicier.  We also had some frozen Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets that I got free with a coupon.  They weren’t GF, so only Lo was going to eat those.  We also had waffle fries and Blue Jacket Gretna Grilling Cheese (it didn’t “grill up” quite right in the cast iron pan, but whatever.  So this was not a well balanced or healthy meal, but we didn’t feel like trying harder.

Our first Appetizer Night consisted of mini pizzas on Sandwich Thins (when I could eat gluten).  His looks to be of a standard pizza type and mine appears to be red cabbage and goat cheese with balsamic vinegar.  We also had kale chips, homemade fries, cheese and crackers, and something that we can’t identify in the picture (top right), but it appears we would have been dipping it in BBQ sauce (top left).

Appetizer Night #1

Actually – I just looked on Facebook where I posted the original Appetizer Night picture to see if I said what that other item was (I didn’t), but I realized that our first Appetizer Night was January 22, 2011 – so it was the same weekend a year ago that we did it last time.

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