Fast Dinner with Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes

Fast Dinner with Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes

I went to yoga at Arena District Athletic Club on Thursday after work (I have a pass with free classes), so I wanted to make a simple dinner.  We had some Apple and Gouda Chicken Sausages in the fridge from Costco and I had a sweet potato that I want to use up.  Lo doesn’t love sweet potatoes, but if I make them spicy, he likes them well enough.  So when I found the Crash Hot Sweet Potato recipe on Pinterest, I thought it would be a winner.  We also had baked beans with Apple Cinnamon BBQ Sauce because I love them with that sauce (we get it at North Market). Basically you just drain a can of vegetarian baked beans (don’t rinse- just drain most of the sauce off from the can) and then add your preferred amount of apple cinnamon BBQ sauce.  I’m going to try to make some of the sauce – it’s worth $5 a bottle because it’s so good, but I’d prefer to be able to make it.  What I do love about it, is that all of the ingredients are very natural (which will also make it easier to copy).

My sweet potatoes didn’t turn out nearly as pretty, but I think I should have sliced them a little thinner, or boiled them a little longer before smashing because a couple broke apart.  Either way, they tasted so good, so I don’t really care what they looked like.  Lo used the extras in breakfast on Sunday underneath some eggs topped with sausage gravy.  It was awesome.

Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes


I really should start to take pictures with a real camera instead of my iphone.  I don’t have a fancy camera, but they would be a little clearer.

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