October Foodie Pen Pal Guest Post

October Foodie Pen Pal Guest Post

My foodie pen pal for October, Anna, doesn’t have a blog yet, so I offered to have her post her review of the Foodie Pen Pal box that I send her.  She took me up of the offer and sent along this review and photos.  Follow her on Twitter at @annaresman. Thanks for posting Anna, and I’m looking forward to when you start blogging!   – Val

Hello Everyone!

My name is Anna, and I don’t have a blog so Val offered to post my Foodie Pen Pals review on her site! Such a good idea. First of all, FPP is such an awesome program. I really enjoy putting together a fun package every month and getting little suprises in return. S/O to Lindsay for founding and growing the program.

The package I got this month from Val was perfect. It was such a good combination of different flavors, foods, and products. I started off by trying the Zico coconut water. I really enjoy coconut water, but don’t often buy it because it’s spendy, and regular water is just so good.  But every once and a while, I definitely grab one! I really liked that this wasn’t a flavored coconut water because sometimes those get a little too sweet. I was sure to refrigerate overnight before I drank it because coconut water definitely doesn’t taste as good warm.

Val also included these super fun popped corn chips. I had never had them before, and it is a nice twist on regular popcorn. And obviously way better for you than potato chips! I wanted to learn a little more about the company, Popcorners, so I checked out their website. It looks like it is based in NY as part of Medora Snacks and currently have six different flavors. These are a fun party appetizer to pair with salsa or guac, or a nice snack to just munch on plain.

So my favorite part of the entire package was HOMEMADE VANILLA. So cool!! Val makes her own vanilla and sent me some in this adorable bottle. It smells so good. She is going to post the recipe on her site soon so stay tuned! Rumor is it’s very easy to make 🙂

There were a bunch of other fun products in the box, and I wasn’t able to grab a picture of all of them. But you can see some of them below! I’m a big fan of Lara bars, mostly because of the tiny ingredient list. Big ingredient lists scare me. Lara bars are really dense, so they always (well..not always) fill me up for a long time. Bonus points: Because there are so few ingredients, they are super easy to replicate. Some of my favorite homemade recipes are from: Living CrunchyChocolate Covered Katie,  and Fit Foodie Lee’s “ball” variations.

Moral of the story: Val rocks. Foodie Pen Pals is so much fun. It’s a great opportunity to meet healthy foodies from so many different places!

As I mentioned, I do not have a blog (yet…), but would love to connect with you on Twitter @annaresman. Tweet me yummy recipes. I promise I will try them!

Happy November,


*If you want to join Foodie Pen Pals, the info for joining is at the bottom of my Foodie Pen Pal reveal post or click on the logo below!

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