Gluten Free Special K Review

Gluten Free Special K Review

I heard that Special K came out with a gluten-free version, but I didn’t rush out to buy it.  It sounds good enough – technically is called Special K Touch of Brown Sugar Gluten Free Cereal, but I assumed it would be $5 and wouldn’t taste that great.

I saw it on sale for around $3.30 and went for it – because, why not?  I actually really like cereal, but since I’ve had to eat gluten-free, my choices are limited enough that I just don’t bother with it usually.  I took it into work to eat with my greek yogurt and fruit and surprisingly, found that it’s actually pretty good.

It’s not the same a regular Special K, from what I remember.  The flakes are much thicker and crunchier, which isn’t a negative thing – just different.  I was a little worried about sorghum being one of the main ingredients, because I can usually detect the sorghum taste and don’t like it (as with some gluten-free beer made with sorghum).  But surprisingly I didn’t taste it – I assume that’s where the touch of brown sugar comes in.  It’s a little sweeter than I would prefer it, but it’s probably to cover the sorghum flavor, so I’ll take that instead I guess.

I’ll buy it again…actually, I already did.  It’s good enough to just snack on a hand full (dry), and on yogurt.  I haven’t had it with milk, but since it’s so thick and crunchy, it would probably hold up really well in milk – better than other cereals.

It’s definitely a good option if you have to eat gluten-free and you are tired of Chex or $7 bags of gluten-free granola.

*this isn’t a paid review and no one asked me to right it…just thought I’d share my thoughts on it

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