Live G Free Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Live G Free Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies

A few months ago, I stocked up on some of the products in Aldi’s gluten-free line of products called liveGfree.  It’s nice to have less expensive gluten-free options – especially for those who struggle to afford specialty gluten-free items.  While I lean towards homemade or semi-homemade baked goods (think mixes, if not from scratch), I picked up this box of Double Chocolate Brownie Soft Baked Cookies.  Soft baked items aren’t as common in packaged gluten-free baked goods, as crispy is more standard due to the flour substitutes used, so I didn’t know what to expect.  live g free double choc brownie

They were just okay.  They reminded me of Snackwell’s cookies that were so popular during the fat-free or low-fat diet craze of the early 2000’s (which didn’t really work for anyone).  They were puffy and chewy, but the texture was kind of like a sponge.  They had a bit of an off-chocolate flavor…maybe more like german chocolate, or something that was trying to be sugar free (they aren’t though).  I opened the package, ate one or two and then put the package back and forgot about them for weeks, which never happens.

I wouldn’t buy these again.  They may taste okay to someone who is used to packaged cookies, but I’m generally not a fan and much prefer fresh-baked.

See my review for liveGfree Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mix.  The review for this was much more favorable and worth the extra effort of mixing and baking yourself.


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  • I just bought these today. I agree, not so great. I had more of an issue with the texture. It had a gritty taste that I couldn’t get passed.

    • I had a crunchy chocolate cookie from this brand at my mom’s house and liked it. I bought a package but haven’t opened them yet. I’ll review when I do.

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