That IS what we do

I wanted to start a blog that is a bit more about me/us.  I’ve been blogging for a few years with Columbus on the Cheap – but it is more of an informational blog, with very little of me – it’s just all Columbus.  I wanted to call this blog “That’s What She Said”, because I often say that phrase and think it’s hilarious (along with “your mom [repeat whatever was just said to me]”, as in “your mom likes grean beans” – because I’m super-mature).  I wasn’t surprised to see that “That’s What She Said” was already taken.  So I thought of “That’s What She Does”.  I thought about that title and realized that it wouldn’t be accurate.  While I do plenty on my own and am very independent, my husband does SO much – either with me or for me – not because he has to, but because he wants to and we work pretty well as a team.  People think I’m a great cook – well, I am, but my husband is always there (when he’s there) to offer to help, whether it’s chopping onions (which no one likes), handling the raw meat (which grosses me out), or even just washing the dishes afterwards.  He also does an enormous share of the cleaning, makes me breakfast on the weekends, makes the coffee every day, drives us when we go places, and…so much more.  You may wonder what I do for him – well, sometimes I wonder too (just kidding, I think)!  So basically I thought this blog needed to tell the REAL story – that’s what we did. 
We’re a team – just like the double rainbow in the pic. Yeah, that was a super-cheesy thing to say.

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