Who ARE we?

Lo and I met at work in 2005, and about a year later I accidentally hit on him through a work email.  It wasn’t an accident as in I didn’t want to go out with him – I thought he was attractive and WAS interested in knowing more about him.  It was an accident because I had a date that night with someone who I was casually dating and had no intention on hitting on him when I emailed that day about my computer (he works in IT).
But, it was Friday, it was Cinco de Mayo, and it was No Pants Day.  I guess that’s enough of a triple whammy to make me randomly hit on the I.T. Guy.  We kind of made plans to make plans at some point and sent some text back and forth a little that night (after my date – which was less of a date and more of a group outing with my sister/her boyfriend (who were visiting) and some friends – the guy parted ways with us after happy hour, and then we went to Kahoots….).  Seriously- it was a weird Friday.
I saw Lo at work later that week and he mentioned getting a drink sometime.  I told him I was free two weeks from Thursday (or something like that).  He wasn’t sure if I was trying to blow him off, but honestly, I was playing volleyball 3-4 nights/week and was going out of town or was busy on that weekend and the next.  So when that Thursday came around, we went to Mac’s after work for some drinks/appetizer.  Not a super-special first date, but it seemed like a safe bet, because it would be easy to leave early if either one of us hated the other.  And when you are going out with a co-worker, it is probably important to make it casual and not very “date-like” in case it doesn’t turn into anything.  Either way – things went well from there. We moved in together a year later into an apartment in Victorian Village.  It was awesome living down there..walking to work when the weather was nice, hockey and baseball games, the Short North, and all of the thing “kids” in their mid-twenties love.  We traveled together and separately (with friends), Europe (separately), Vegas several times, Chicago, ski trip, Florida, and a spontaneous trip to LA for a Columbus Crew MLS Cup game.
We got engaged January 2009 at an icy waterfall at sunrise (except it was overcast, so no sun – but still amazing).
We knew we didn’t want a typical formal church wedding, so when friends of ours invited us to their wedding in Kauai, Hawaii, we decided to get married a few days after them on a different island.  We got married on Maui, on September 21, 2010 with a handful of family and friends who were amazing enough to make the trip with us.  We were fully prepared to get married by ourselves and have a reception when we returned, and we were thrilled that our parents, his grandparents, a few of our siblings, and two of our friends took the long expensive flight to be there for our day.
The next year we were ready for a house and a dog, so we bought a great house in Dublin, and found our perfect rescue dog, Boof, later that year.
After more travel…another trip to Hawaii (because we loved the island of Kauai SO much), multiple trips to Vegas (to visit my sister) and Siesta Key (to visit our closest friends in their new home), we had Jenson.
When he was just over a year old, we decided that both of us working full-time was not working for us.  We felt constant guilt about leaving Jenson with our (fantastic) sitter for over 9 hours a day…it never got easier.  I asked to go part-time (I could easily complete my full-time job on a part-time basis), but was denied.  So we decided to find a home outside of the city with a few acres, and I’d stay home with him.
It was a big adjustment, but it was right.  And then came Marlowe, about 9 months later.
And here we are. Still adjusting to the area and trying to meet people…missing having my friends a couple of miles away…sometimes struggling with this stay-at-home thing…but happy.

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