What DO we do?

Update, 2018.  Rather than update this page, I’m leaving it because it’s amazing how different our life is now – with 2 kids.  So this is what we do now. It’s pretty much all about the kids, several times a year dates – oh, and I play sand volleyball once a week to maintain a thread of who I was before, and so I can escape the house once a week and do something for myself that I love.
And this is what we did in 2012:
We work, we work out, we play sports, we dine out, we go to concerts, we travel, we get together with friends, we cook, we drink, we watch movies, we read, we watch tons of sports, we listen to NPR, we visit with family, and we enjoy life as we live it and make plans for the future.
Crew Soccer

Working out – we both work out at lunch at a gym nearly 5 days a week, plus usually take a class in the evenings once or twice a week (he does cross fit, I do spinning, bootcamp, or yoga).  No one has ever called either one of us skinny, but we work out hard and are in pretty good shape…we just don’t lose weight/fat easily.

Lo and Stinger at Blue Jackets game


Sports – we play in soccer leagues sometimes, I play competitive volleyball (mostly indoor), he plays recreational sand volleyball.  We love to watch OSU football/basketball, Steelers football (me), Browns football (him), Columbus Crew Soccer, Blue Jackets Hockey (not so much this year because they are TERRIBLE), MMA, and any variety of those sports.  He also follows Red’s baseball, EPL Soccer, Indy Car Racing, F1 Racing, and probably some other things that I don’t know about because he gets up 3-4 hours before me on the weekends and usually watches those things then.

Dining out – we love Mexican, seafood, and pizza, and well as lots of local restaurants including all of the restaurants in the Columbus Food League.  And Jeni’s Ice Cream – we had it for lunch on Saturday.  We usually dine out at least once over the weekend, thought lately it seems its 2-3 times each weekend.  Not good for the budget or our lack of slim-ness.

OSU Basketball

Concerts – we’ve been to a ton between the two of us.  Next up, Radiohead – in Atlanta.

Landsailing in Vegas


Travel – In the past few years we’ve been to Chicago, Florida (3 times), Kauai, Hawaii (2 times, Maui, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas (many times), as well as some vacations separate from each other.  Next up, Atlanta. Yes, we realize this will all end once we have kids.  I think that is partly why we haven’t completely committed to when that will happen.
Exploded Spaghetti Squash
sometimes cooking fails

Cooking – We try to make food at home as often as possible (see: dining out).  I have always preferred to make most everything from scratch (or close to it), and have found an even greater need for this since I have found out that I’m gluten intolerant (celiac blood test negative but didn’t have biopsy; through elimination I determined that gluten = dry heaving and other awful digestive issues for me).  Worst part about this?  I love loved beer.  SO much.  No wonder my stomach has hurt for as long as I can remember.  So no more beer and gluten means pretty much no more constant stomach pain/upset.  Luckily, wine and most liquer is gluten-free and tasty to me!  I would have probably never considered that I had this issue had a friend not been diagnosed with celiac disease – I kind of put 2+2 together (and least she’s not in the gluten battle alone anymore).  I’m constantly making an effort to eat cleaner, but sometimes life and candy get in the way.  I love to try new recipes, so I don’t make many things more than a few times, but can rarely duplicate them because I don’t actually follow the recipe or measure exactly (except in baking, because that is science and I’m bad at science and math).  We usually make 2-3 meals/week, but make more portions than we need and eat the leftovers for lunch and other dinners.  I also try to make extras of things and freeze them so we can make dinners when we are short on time (like when we are both have sports or work out classes in the evenings) or when I am lazy.  I like to stock up on groceries for the pantry and freezer.   We could probably eat for over 2 months without shopping if we needed (not saying it would be well-balanced, but we wouldn’t go hungry).  Even though I’m the only one with a gluten problem, since we eat the same things, he eats mostly gluten-free too (though when we dine out, he gets whatever, and occasionally he’ll have bread at home).  And he still drinks beer because both of us shouldn’t have to suffer (and then I get to smell the delicious beers he drinks)

Pool Volleyball.  The girls usually win.
Friends – we have awesome friends.  While we have lots of groups of friends, they’ve pretty much all met at least once.  We have friends who go way back, friends from since we’ve become a couple, friends with kids, friends who aren’t going to have kids, friends from sports, friends back home, friends who are friends through friends, and friends we only see occasionally but love dearly.  Basically, we are really blessed with really good friends and we really don’t have separate friends anymore – we come as a pair so they better like us both!


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