What to really expect when you’re expecting

I realized I never wrote about the little surprises that I encountered during my pregnancy, so I started jotting some of them down a week or so ago.  I felt like I knew a lot about pregnancy and “what to expect when you’re expecting”, but there were still plenty of things that surprised me.  Everyone’s […]

Baby Watch: Week 37

Now I really feel ready for the baby.  The house is about as ready as it needs to be and he’s considered full-term now, so he’s welcome to join us anytime!  Unfortunately, my cervical check on Friday showed no progress again – actually she said 50-75% thinned but not dilated.  She encouraged me to do […]

Baby Watch: Week 34

Th nursery furniture is finished!!!!  This is incredibly exciting news!  And I’ve painted the trees on the nursery walls!  I could stand to finish out some of the branches and add some leaves, but it’s good enough so far.  The crib arrived, but we aren’t setting it up or putting the rest of the furniture […]

Baby Watch: Week 33

Another week without complaints!  AND the glider rocker is ALMOST refinish.  If I haven’t said it enough, never refinish a glider rocker and stool.  I just need to check for paint touch-ups tomorrow and then Lo can add the poly coat to it.  The dresser/changing table just needs to poly coat added as well.  Next […]